Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day 2

Sitting in my room with some beers, watching Duke/FSU. I said at some point in some post somewhere that Duke was really flying under the radar, and their only weakness was a lack of size. Now I see they have two. They can't handle the quick, athletic guards from FSU, and that lack of size is compounded by it because they don't have a defensive presence in the middle. Maybe I'll pull back a wee bit on my Duke love this year.

- Also, this hotel doesn't have ESPN2. What kind of crazy shit is that? And the ice machine on my floor doesn't work. Nice hotel. And this seminar I'm at recommends it. They're going to get a sternly worded evaluation from me at the end of the class.

- Oh, and Dayton and Xavier are frauds.

- Jay Bilas just said the winner of this game will be whoever is tougher. Personally, I think it'll be whichever team is better.

- Greg Paulus is a giant sissy.

- This Carolina/G-Tech is really entertaining. Neither team can stop the other, but not because of bad defense, just because both offenses are on fire.

- Ty Lawson can't shoot. It's ok, because nobody can guard him, but he really can't shoot.

- Tech has an interesting point guard named Matt Causey. He looks like a very smart, pure point guard, and looks exactly like Dan Dickau.

- Ok, nevermind. Causey is a senior, after playing for Georgetown in 2003-2004, he sat out three years for some reason and now is at G-Tech. He would have interesting if he was a freshman, which is what I thought, but now he's just the weird old dude who's still in college.

- One of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard, from whoever is announcing. "The Tar Heels are just a different team without Hansbrough in there. This is where the lack of depth after Frasor got hurt really hurts them." Um, Hansbrough is a PF, Frasor is a PG. How in the hell are those two things related? He also said, "The weather outside might be frightful, but the ACC basketball tonight is delightful." Seriously, he said that. I couldn't make it up if I tried.

- Ty Lawson reminds me of Skee-lo.

- So, like, now would be a very good time for Carolina to go on a run and win by 12.

- I'm starting to dislike Causey now. He uses the jump pass more than Snacks with Jacque Vaughn on Coach K. Three people who read this will understand that reference.

- How can I get Down with Goldy on Wikipedia? I tried to figure it out but after two minutes when it hadn't become blatantly obvious I gave up.

- Carolina escapes. Fun game to watch, even though I had Carolina -11. Just another miss on a crappy gambling night.

- There are seriously only 13 channels available here. Why do I always travel to backwater cletusville, USA? I'm going to watch Superbad on my computer instead.

- I'm not going to do a full on preview of the Gopher/Indiana game because I don't want to. But how big is this game? If the Gophers pull this one off, it's such a huge, huge win for the program, and doesn't guarantee a NCAA berth, but puts them in the right direction. And it just shows that Gophers are back to being relevant again. God, it would be so awesome. It will be very interesting to see how Nolen and McKenzie and Westbrook handle Gordon and the other eighty good guards the Hoosiers throw at you. I have no idea how they'll handle DJ White. He's so good, and hopefully Tollackson and Williams can be physical enough to handle him. Call me crazy, but I believe in the Barn, and I believe in the team. Gophers 73, Hoosiers 69.

- So from most hated, we go to favorite Gophers of all-time:

PG Arriel McDonald
SG Bobby Jackson
SF Sam Jacobson
PF Travarus Bennett
C Willie Burton (we're going small)
Honorable Mentions: Vince Grier, Eric Harris, Melvin Newbern, Rico Tucker, Mo Hargrow, Steve "Sunshine" Esselink - I kid, I kid.

- Pretty bummed I have to miss the game. I'm going to attend the North Texas/New Orleans game here, which starts at 7. Good chance I leave at the half to catch the Gopher game.

- North Texas 12-4, 3-2 conference. New Orleans 12-5, 2-3, but they have Bo McCalebb, who is averaging 22 points a game this season.

- You have got to be kidding me: "The Fox network affiliate in Green Bay doesn't want to report on a Packers loss during its 9 p.m. news broadcast. It's doing its part to prevent that from happening.

WLUX Fox 11 normally airs a "Seinfeld'' rerun at 5:30 p.m. on Saturdays. But when it heard that "Seinfeld'' was Eli Manning's favorite show, it decided to pull this Saturday's broadcast in a promotional stunt.

"Why give comfort to the enemy," station vice president and general manager Jay Zollar said. "Green Bay Packers fans do not want any of the New York Giants to get a good night's sleep, and FOX 11 will do its part."

Fans can vote on the station's Web site,, on what to replace "Seinfeld'' with. The choices are "M*A*S*H,'' an infomercial, a Vince Lombardi special, or a rerun of Inside the Huddle with Packer Donald Driver.

"That's why the good Lord created laptops and DVD players," Giants PR director Pat Hanlon said."
Holy hell.

- I don't know, I got nothin.


LSR said...

Good owrk on the photo WWWWWWWWWWWW.

The little slut on the far left is just begging for a money shot! I like how she is pretending to try and keep her skirt pulled down...little slut is begging for it!

Bogart said...

Is that the best you can do for Indiana girls? I appreciate the effort, but the overall lack of skin and talent is a little disappointing.

Bogart said...

Also W, I thought you would want to know that I went to a bar last night with Mrs. Bogart and we saw her friends that we saw when you came down to Chicago. She reiterated that she's "never seen anyone look so unhealthy" as I did that night. She also said that she still wants you ... bad.

dawg said...

PG Melvin Newbern
SG Bobby Jackson
SF Vince Grier
PF Courtney James
C Richard Coffee

6th Man: Willie "Boozey" Burton

Ralph said...

Hey Dork (a.k.a. Dawg), We are talking sluts and money shots here. Take your basketball conversation elsewhere, NERD!

snacks said...

speaking of non-slut related commentary (by the way, where is the homo who called me a chomo for similar slut related comments), dawg what is your prediction for tonight's game? Knowing you, I am guessing you have the gophers by 27. Greatest line ever is Indiana -2, because by taking that bet I get to be happy either way - either the gophers get a big win, or I win a bet (unless they lose by 1, which would really piss me off)

lsr's mom said...

It is common knowledge that lsr is also a CHOMO. It didnt need to be pointed out.

Dawg said...

I can't in good conscience pick the gophs to win this game. Was it really that ridiculous to pick the gophs to beat Penn State (RPI 139) on the road?

Well its a good thing I don't have a conscience because I believe the gophs will win in a shootout 84-80. DJ White will foul out and cost IU the game.

lsr's mom said...

oh... I am going to beat bear to the punch. correction- did'nt
Sorry my mistake. How dare I?

LSR said...

LSR's Mom, remember who was watching your kid last weekend ;)

lsr's mom said...

See I told you he was a chomo