Thursday, January 17, 2008

I made it!

I made it back for the game. The Superpit is not very impressive, and those teams suck. I would rank the Superpit as better than UIC's arena, DePaul's Dumpster Arena, and Weber State's arena, and that's it.

And, yeah, those teams aren't good. Guess how many points Bo McCalebb scored while I was there? Not a god damn one in the 16 minutes I was there for. This is the guy who's lowest scoring average in his four year career is 19 ppg, and the only reason I was at all excited about this game. Thanks Bo.

If you can't make out the picture, it's a man in his forties, wearing a full UNT uniform, with his long shaggy hair dyed green, as well as his fu manchu mustache, and a green sailor's cap to top it off. That guy said good bye to his dignity a long time ago.

If Vandy would just give up already, we could get to the game.

8:10 - Finally. And Minnesota leads 4-3 with 17:42 left.

8:11 - Gordon called for a charge, and it seems that's his second foul. That'll help. Barn sounds loud tonight.

8:12 - Three offensive rebounds with a Tollackson put back in the end. Energy is high. Will be interesting to see if they can sustain it all game.

8:12 - McKenzie attacking. I'm loving everything about this so far. I can't believe how fired up I am. I missed this. Thanks Monson, you jackass. I hope his house burns down.

8:16 - Oof. Williams should not try to attack DJ White. Talk about your all-time mismatches.

8:19 - This is brilliant. A high-pressure, attacking, man-to-man actually seems to be causing issues for Indiana. With all good guards, I would have guessed they'd eat it up. Nope, 7 Hoosier turnovers in 6 minutes. Hell, yes.

8:21 - Apparently Minnesota is concerned about Jamarcus Ellis' great length. I know it's immature, but it makes me giggle.

8:22 - Blake still hot. $nake thinks he's "hot" if you know what I mean. I'm not even making that up.

8:25 - Spencer shouldn't take it at White either. He's just swatting shots left and right. Spencer should also give up that jumping hip bump celebration thing or whatever that is.

8:29 - Gordon back on the floor and already making a difference. I hate that guy.

8:32 - One thing that makes me nervous, besides Eric Gordon and DJ White, is the fact that it seems every gambling person in the world is on the Gophers. That usually never works. Also, note to fans: just because a guy is on his back with the ball, it's not automatically a travel.

8:37 - They're making a Saw 4? I didn't even know they made third one. Isn't that about enough? The only series of movies that could sustain excellence throughout a run that long or longer were the Friday the 13ths - Jason X (in space) and Jason goes to hell not included. Also, Freddy Krueger was kind of a fairy.

8:41 - Foul number three on Gordon, and it's a dumb one. Way to not be coordinated Kevin Payton, you're a contributor now. Indiana is very different without him.

8:42 - Naturally, Payton misses the free throw

8:44 - White might be hurt. Do not want. Even though it would make this an easier win, obviously, nobody will care if the Gophers beat Indiana without White. That would be like beating the Hickory High team without Jimmy Chitwood.

8:49 - Indiana up 11 and I'm getting nervous. I'm afraid what I was afraid of might be happening (17-0 Indiana run) - That the Gophers are a tough team, and a good defensive team, but just don't have the players to keep up - even with White and Gordon on the bench.

8:56 - Halftime, Indiana up 40-32, mostly due to the 17-0 run by the Hoosiers led by Jordan Crawford, who the Gophers had zero answers for. Thoughts:

1. Keep up the energy, keep up the toughness. Yes, the Hoosiers have 40 points at the half, but the defensive pressure is making them make mistakes. I think the last stat I saw was 14 turnovers by Indiana. They're shooting 56% right now, and 58% from three. That won't last. Nobody stays that hot forever.

2. Keep hitting the boards, and keep running in transition. I don't have rebounding stats, but it seems like the Gophers are doing an excellent job, particularly on the offensive boards, this must continue. And keep running, whether off a turnover or a rebound, keep running.

3. More Blake? We haven't seen all that much of Hoffbauer or Shamala, but Hoff has seven points on four attempts. They aren't good defenders, but it's worked. Tubby has clearly identified Jamarcus Ellis (he of great length) as the offensive weak link of the Hoosiers as whenever either of the white shooters are in, they're matched up on Ellis. It's working, as he has zero points so far. Ellis averages 8.6 a game, and can put up double-digits in a hurry, but it might be worth seeing if instant offense Hoff can get a little something going.

4. McKenzie aggressiveness - Keep it up. Six shots at the half, and the Gophers are going to need him to have any shot to win this game. Unless White is hurt.

9:14 - Also, it's not good to go 3-10 from the line. At least McKenzie can make them. Five straight to start the half. Good start.

9:16 - Getting out and running after a missed free throw, and McKenzie has two attempts already in the half. I bet they read DWG at halftime of the games to figure out what to do. Hi Tubby!

9:17 - Pressure is also still working, as Indiana with three turnovers in the first two minutes. If Indiana was shooting at a normal percentage, or the Gophers were, Minnesota would be on top. One point game. Keep it up.

9:20 - Did you know the guy who played Clue Haywood in Major League was former big league pitcher Pete Vuckovich, AL Cy Young winner in 1982? Learn something new everyday.

9:22 - Here's what's going to happen: Minnesota will be down by 1-5 for the rest of the half until about 3-4 minutes left, when McKenzie gets hot, and the Gophers win by 5.

9:24 - Tollackson 0-6 on free throws tonight. That would make a pretty big difference. If I'm Tubby, I tell him to stop missing those.

9:29 - I'm probably a racist, but I really don't like female announcers. They should be on the sidelines and be hot like Erin Andrews.

9:32 - Coleman guarding White. Not sure I like this one bit.

9:33 - They go right to him. Turned it over on a double team from Damian Johnson (I REALLY like him), but the next time he abuses Coleman for an easy 2. TV Timeout. Hopefully they put in one of the fatter guys to guard him.

9:35 - Sportscenter after the game will be showing The Best of Brett Favre. Set your Tivo for the Pete Rose of football!

9:43 - 7:27 left and the Gophers take the lead. Tubby switched to a zone, and even though the Hoosiers are getting open shots, they've cooled off. The zone is also taking White away, can't remember the last time he attempted a shot. If Sampson's smart, he'll get White attacking from the high post instead of distributing.

9:47 - Back to man-to-man after the TV timeout. Tubby = genius.

9:48 - Coleman coming up huge with a three point play, and 15 on the game. I take back everything bad I ever said about him.

9:51 - Four fouls on White, over the back on a great rebound by Coleman. This is good stuff.

9:52 - Spencer misses ANOTHER free throw, making him 0-7. Indiana should just foul him everytime the Gophers have the ball.

9:54 - Nolen almost being too passive in not looking for a shot and just looking to dish.

9:56 - Final TV timeout, Gophers up 2 with Gordon going to the line. I'm going to assume he makes both. The Gophers NEED to score on the following possession.

9:58 - Indiana only has 14 points this half? Wow. The defensive change from Monson to Tubby is off the charts. I mean, we knew it would be, but still. Wow. F off Monson.

9:59 - Horrible, horrible turnover by McKenzie. I'm scared right now.

10:01 - Son of a whore. Indiana leads by 2.

10:02 - Idiotic foul by Great Length. McKenzie, not Tollackson at the line. Makes both. Tie game. Team just 11-21 from the line.

10:03 - Tollackson with the reverse for the lead on a great pass by Nolen. He loves that move, but as long as it keeps working, keep doing it. Also, the announcers mention The Barn is 80 years old for the 8 millionth time tonight.

10:06 - White guy wide open from three and buries it for a Hoosier lead with 1:10 left.

10:08 - They get no shot, coming out of a timeout with under a minute left. Completely unacceptable.



10:09 - McKenzie misses a wide open three pointer for the hundredth time tonight. Jesus fucking christ. What is wrong with him this year? This sucks. I hate basketball. I hate indiana. I hate all of you. I quit this blog.


The Todd said...

9:39 - I just finished deficating and am full with 7 beers in me through an hour...just saw a Gopher turnover followed by a long outlet pass by IU also resulting in a TO....losers.

9:40 - another TO by IU, Gophers down 1. I don't know anything about basketball except that Tollackson is HOT! Like fuck me in the ass HOT!

The Todd said...

Who is the chick anouncer...she sounds hot and like a lady who knows how to take charge. Actually, kind of manly, never mind. I'm off to nudetube.

Bear said...

"Hi Tubby!" Too good.

Regardless of the result, it's so refreshing to watch a team that cares, tries, and busts their ass on defense.

Bear said...

I love Dan Coleman, I've always loved him. W, you're a fag for ever doubting him.

Scratch that, I just found out he has a son named Kelly.

WWWWWW said...

Kelly? Ouch.

Bear said...

God they suck.

P.S. I hate Dave O'Brien w/ a passion you can't even fathom. He sucks at every sport he announces.

random soccer guy said...

O'brien is the worst soccer announcer in the world, bi surprise he sucks at hoops as well.