Monday, March 31, 2008

W's Baseball Predictions

Baseball season is upon us, and, since baseball is the second best season of them all behind college basketball, I may as well share some predictions for the upcoming year as I watch opening day from the comfort of my couch (FYI - if you have Direct TV there's a free preview of the baseball package this week). Some of this is Twins-related, and some just MLB related overall. Have no fear, a full Final Four preview will be up soon enough.

1. As Sidler already touched on, Joe Mauer will struggle to knock in runs this year. If Gardy is smart, he will hit Mauer second where he belongs. With Mauer's lack of home run power, and Carlos "Pedro" Gomez and Adam Everett the two guys in front of him in the lineup, he'll struggle to get to 65 rbi, much less the 80 that Snacks foolishly predicted. I think he'll have a solid year, .300 - .310 range, with 25-30 doubles and around ten homeruns, but there's no way he's getting to 80 rbi.

2. Delmon Young will take a step forward, especially power wise. Young hit well last year, .288/.316/.408 with 13 home runs, and I expect him to improve. I like to believe the experience he got last year will lend itself to more patience, or at least I hope to go so. And his .408 slugging last year was the worst he had put up at any level. With a full year under his belt, hopefully he's figured out major league pitching, and not vice-versa. I am cautiously optimistic we'll see .300/.350/.500 with 20-25 home runs.

3. At the same time Young improves, I expect Morneau and Cuddyer to slide backwards further, and not just because of their new fat contracts. Nobody seems to be talking about how far Morneau slid last year. Batting average down 50 points, obp down 30 points, and slugging down almost 70 points. The one thing that makes me think he may recover is that his strikeout rate remained the same while his walk rate went up. Still, I expect him to slide and don't think he'll get to even 30 home runs this year. Cuddyer isn't as big a concern, despite a down year last year because in general his numbers were about the same other than slugging, and he actually cut down on his strikeouts. That being said, don't expect a return to his form from two years ago. I don't expect him to get to 20 home runs, or hit over .270.

4. Twins outlook: Not good. All the offensive uncertainty from the "stars", not even looking at the black holes on offense at third, short, second, center field, and possibly DH, leave the Twins unable to score runs. Looking at a confusing mishmash of a rotation leaves an even worse feeling. If you remember, The Sidler compiled some projections for the rotation and it looked like this:

Ouch. And that even seems optimistic on some of those guys. Livan is going to be a disaster. Bonser is a 4/5 starter at best. Slowey is going to get ripped to shreds in the big leagues. Maybe Blackburn can pitch. I've never seen him throw, so he's my only hope. Baker is the only one I have any faith in becoming an even league average starter, Liriano excepted. Who knows what happens with him. He seemed to be coming along this spring, and I think it was a good move to start him in the minors. I'm predicting (hoping) he gets called up around June/July and is able to at least approach his former form.

5. What does this uncertain offense + mishmash rotation mean, combined with a solid bullpen and a step down in defense? Dead last in the AL central, even behind the Royals. Would be the worst team in the entire American League, except that the Orioles are in an even bigger mess, and just getting worse.

6. Torii Hunter will be average. There are a lot of reasons to predict Hunter to have a bad year, chief among which is that I don't like him. Additionally, his walk rate plummeted from bad to really bad last year. There are good reasons to predict a good year for him, coming off two really excellent years and going to a team with a much, much, much better offense that the Twins. I expect him to have a career high in RBIs due to greater opportunity, but his numbers will go down overall. Somewhere in the .270/.333/.470 range with around 20 home runs or so.

7. In contrast to his ex-teammate, Johan Santana is going to rock the national league to Dwight Goodien levels. I know most of his numbers moved the wrong way the last couple of years, but he's in the National League now. Not only is there a free out with the pitcher, much like the Twins have in their lineup with Adam Everett, but the NL is the worse league of the two. Plus it helps being on the Mets and not having to face them. I expect him to shred the league, with an ERA in the mid-2's, a WHIP of about 1.00, and a K/9 of 9-10. Seriously. And he'll probably hit .275 to boot.

8. A Yankee collapse begins. Think about it, other than A-Rod, who is awesome, Cano, who might be the best 2b in the AL, and Jeter, who is gay, there are question marks everywhere on the Yankees roster. Posada absolutely busted through what he should have done last year, and will likely regress to the mean like a mofo. Johnny Damon's numbers have been in major declines for the last few years, including losing 90 points off his slugging last year, and posted a OPS+ of 97 (league average player = 100), and most 35 year olds don't reverse this trend. Bobby Fatbreu is in basically the exact same boat, except he hasn't plummeted quite as far just yet. Melky Cabrera's upside is basically an average major league outfielder. The Jason Giambi/Shelley Duncan 1B combo is a joke, and Hideki Matsui is coming off knee surgery and his worst season at 34 years old.

Even more, the rotation is going to be a suckfest. Chien-Ming Wang has been a very good pitcher the last two years, and could very well continue, but he outperforms his metrics every year and could be due to collapse (Baseball Prospectus gives a collapse a 34% probability). Pettitte is the only other decent pitcher on that team, and he's starting the year on the DL. As much as it pains me to say it, as I am a huge fan, Mike Mussina might be done. The back of the rotation is two kids, Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes, who are supposed to have a ton of talent, but so did David West, Todd Van Poppel, and Brien Taylor. The bullpen is basically Rivera and Chamberlain, and I don't see anyway Chamberlain can be moved into the rotation when their third best guy is LaTroy Hawkins.

In store is a very bad year by Yankee standards, which will lead to a freakout by the younger Steinbrenners, anxious to make a name for themselves and get out from daddy's shadow. They will sell off the very same talent they refused to give up for Johan this past offseason for much lesser talent (expect Adam Dunn and/or Rich Harden to be Yankees). This will cause the same cycle the Yanks were stuck in during the early nineties and lead to more suckitude. You heard it here first.

9. The Indians will miss the playoffs due to Sabathia and Carmona spending too much time on the DL. Sabathia threw 198, 188, 197, and 192 innings the four years prior to throwing 257 last year. Carmona went from 102 innings two years ago to 230 last year. That means injuries, and that means no playoffs for the Tribe.

10. Others who will suck: Mike Lowell, Kaz Matsui, John Smoltz, Randy Johnson, Manny Ramirez, Ken Griffey, Manny Corpas, Gary Sheffield, John Lackey, Andruw Jones, Ryan Braun, Brett Myers, Jason Bay, Jim Edmonds, Carlos Pena, Alex Rios

11. Others who will rock: Justin Verlander, Micah Owings, Jeff Francoeur, Erik Bedard, Clay Buchholz, Geovany Soto, Nick Swisher, Homer Bailey, Evan Longoria, Troy Tulowitzski, Wandy Rodriguez, Billy Butler, Matt Kemp, Chad Billingsley, Takashi Saito, David Wright, Cole Hamels, Matt Capps, Tim Lincecum, BJ Upton, Vernon Wells, Dustin McGowan, Jason Bergmann

12. AL Playoff Teams: Boston, Detroit, Anaheim, Toronto

13. NL Playoff Teams: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia

14. World Series: Mets over Tigers

15. MVPs: Ryan Howard, Vlad Guerrero

16. CY YOUNGS: Johan Santana, Justin Verlander

17. Rookies of the Year: Evan Longoria, Matt Kemp


snacks said...

the twins offense will be better than it was last year retard. they've upgraded at left, third and second offensively . a healthy kubel and monroe are an upgrade at DH. shortstop went backwards but only slightly because bartlett sucked at hitting too. gomez won't put up hunter-like power numbers but he won't strikeout as much and won't hit nearly as many rally killing double plays like hunter like to do. with his speed, he'll probably score as many runs. pitching and defense, which both got a lot worse, are a different story.

snacks said...

toronto? really? what kind of wager do you want to put on that? hmmmm...I see the logic. carmona and sabathia, who are always healthy will get hurt, while burnett, halladay, and ryan who are always hurt, will be healthy. brilliant. makes perfect sense.

Dharma Bum said...

Who cares about RBI?

I disagree about the Yankees. Too many players in contract years.

WWWWWW said...

Hunter much better than Gomez
Castillo much better than whoever plays second
Bartlett much better than Everett
Third is just a black hole of hitting anyway you want to look at it, as is DH.
Delmon is the only place the offense upgraded. It is going to suck hard.

And what kind of odds do you want to give me on Toronto?

WWWWWW said...

Actually, it looks like Lamb can hit a little bit, but what do you want to bet Gardy ends up giving Punto more ABs at third than Lamb?

And say good-bye to your precious Yankee dynasty Dharma Bum.

dawg said...

WSJ ranked Gardy the best manager in the majors. They didn't list all the criteria but I'm pretty sure the top 3 were # of times ejected from a game, ability to imitate a duck that has to take a poop on the way to the mound and highest bowling average.

With that said I expect to see a new level of respect for Gady on this blog.

WWWWWW said...

Sabathia = 1 ip, 2 er so far. 18.00 era. Eat it.

WWWWWW said...

Please tell me WSJ = Wall Street Journal. That would be so awesome.

Anybody want to skip work and go watch the Twins Thursday at noon?

dawg said...

That is correct. WSJ does equal Wall Street Journal.

snacks said...

Castillo better than Harris at hitting? Did you watch Castillo hit last year? He was barely better than Punto.

WWWWWW said...

Castillo: .301/.362/.359

Harris: .286/.343/.434

I stand corrected. They both suck.

Twins scored 718 runs last year. I would be willing to wager they score less than that this season.

snacks said...

I'll take that wager.

WWWWWW said...


The Sidler said...

A few huge problems with the Twins offense:

1. Way too little power

2. Way too few guys on base

3. Fucking moron manager who will play Monroe over Kubel too much (starting tonight) and give Punto 300+ at bats over Lamb and Harris

While we're throwing out wagers, here are a couple:

Only one player over 23 HRs
Under 700 runs for the season
Livan ERA over 6

Bear said...

I know that he has only had 3 AB, but I already hate Rondell Monroe!

The Sidler said...

Monroe going 0-for is the best thing that can happen. At the first sign of competence he's going to get even more ABs.

What makes this even more ridiculous is that Monroe was Nick Punto vs. RHP last year...and Kubel's a fucking lefty. If you're going to platoon two guys, at least do it right.

Just dumb managing, but that's par for the course for the WSJ's top manager. He loves his least Juan f-ing Castro is gone.

snacks said...

when Kuball pinch hit for Monroe, that dipshit Bremer said the reason Monroe started was so that Kuball could be that lefty bat off the bench when they need it for "situation like this"

But he pinch hit in the exact same spot he should have been starting in, so he would have been hitting either way!

On a related note, I was hoping that we could get the ESPN2 feed here locally so I wouldn't have to listen to the local announcers.

The Sidler said...

Who needs quality at-bats in the 1st-7th innings when you can have a big left-handed bat off the bench!

it is probably a bad thing that Gardy's already pissed me off and Dick-n-Bert have already driven me crazy.


Bear said...

After listening to those two idiots for 1/2 of an inning, you can't tell me that it doesn't bring a smile to your face knowing that Blyleven has to wait at least another year to get into the hall. I watched the game muted, how many times did he say "my birthday is in X days?"

Joe Sucks said...

Right now Livan is your AL Cy Young. Nice call Sidler!

Dawg said...

Sidler, Snacks, WWWW and Bear - I'm not sure where to start with your 4 dipshits so I will just go right down the line.


I stat nerd like yourself should appreciate the way they scientifically determined who the best manager in the major leagues is. Please don't be the douche bag that savages a manager in the first game of the season. Especially a game that they won. PS You couldn't manage an adapted kick ball team so please spare us your delusional expertise. PS Chill the f$ck out. Its the first game of the season.

Snacks and Bear - Who would you rather have listened to? Joe Morgan and John Miller or Joe Buck and some guy that's stuck with that arrogant churchie prick. Joe Morgan is great if you want 3 hours of him reliving the glory days. John Miller looks like he likes to drive around school yards with a cargo van full to the brim of candy and duct tape.

WWWW - Gomez is on pace for 324 runs and 324 SB's.

Gomez BA .667 OBP .750
Hunter BA .000 OBP .000

I see being a lousy judge of talent runs in the family.

Eat it!

FishingMN said...

My advice - stick to basketball commentary. You clearly know very little about baseball.

Anonymous said...

FishingMN- You clearly don't read this blog very often. They also know very little about basketball.

joe said...

I do not suck.

p.s. Suzy Kolber is hot!

The Sidler said...

Why not bash the manager game 1 if he's making some of the same mistakes that he's made for the last 3 years?

There are two players Gardy loves:

Mediocre Veterans
Scrappy no-offense middle infielders

Monroe over Kubel is just a repeat of Castro over Bartlett, Batista over a cardboard cutout, anyone over Cuddyer (2005 and 2006), Rondell over Kubel, etc.

I will say that one of Gardy's strengths has historically been his bullpen management--a lot of managers would have walked Vlad instead of letting Neshek go after him. Good call by Gardy. He's also had superior bullpen arms, which directly relates to the WSJ's "close games" and "wins above expectation" metrics. It is considered to be the reason a team like the Diamondbacks greatly outperformed their pythag. record last year as well.

And for anyone getting excited over Livan's performance, just remember Ramon Ortiz last year.

Thanks for playing the "you couldn't do x" card, though, it is my favorite and incredibly relevant to whether Gardy's a good manager.

Your Out said...

Sidler do you honestly think baseball is played in a laboratory and that no other variables could possibly effect a situation? For instance a closer is just another pitcher that happens to pitch the last inning of a game. You seem to think an inning is an inning and there is no greater importance on any particular innings. Pressure and clutch are not words in your crazy baseball scientists world. I came to this opinion when you typed the following, "but the whole closer thing is the most
overrated position in baseball." If it is so overrated why do teams pay $10-$15 million dollars for top flight closers? I know you can't measure pressure, but it does actually effect players. Really it does.

The Sidler said...

How many times has a middle reliever jumped into a closer role with few problems? Guardado and Nathan are two examples. Yes, some guys like The Hawk can't handle the pressure, but I believe he is an exception, not the rule.

That said, I'm glad the Twins signed Nathan. It doesn't make financial sense for a team with the Twins' budget to pay that much for so few innings, but as a fan, I want to see Nathan do what he did last night.

Please explain the variables that make Monroe over Kubel justifiable. The pressure of opening night? Check out for a more detailed statistical breakdown of how dumb a decision it truly was. This is the kind of crap Gardy's done for years.

I think it is funny that guys like Gleeman and the crew at USS Mariner have been right almost every time they've criticized the "true baseball men" running the squads.

Just because someone prefers to be analytical about a game doesn't mean they can't appreciate the emotion and all of the little things that make it great.

Dawg said...

Maybe Kubel has been dogging it in practice or didn't run out a grounder or missed several signs in spring training. There are things that effect the lineup card other then your stat sheet.

By looking at pure numbers you are taking out personality, effort and leadership. All of which factor into a managers decision. Or sometimes the manager goes with, the baseball scientists most hated phrase "gut feeling". Maybe he thought Monroe was going to light up Weaver yesterday. Or Maybe Gardy got tired of having to run down to the trainers room to check on Kubel's china glass knees. Who knows but I don't think one spot in the lineup had much of an impact on last night's final score.

You will have an ulcer before the all-star break if you get this bent out of shape about platooning DH's.

the ek said...

Not to defend the Sidler, because he's from the same Indiana high school as one Courtney James, so we know his education is suspect, BUT if you ignore the numbers and think only about "personality, effort, and leadership", you end up with a lineup full of Punto's, Leeeeeeew Fords, Batista (since he doesn't chew - great role model) and Mientkieviches. Which might be the hustliest group around, but they all suck. I don't think Gardsy is that bad, but he does have an unnatural love for the Punto that makes you wonder....

you guys are all gay said...

woooo ooohhhh Livan on a prayer!

Dawg said...

Sidler - Where is Nick Blackburn in your prediction spread sheet? Didn't your metrics indicate that he had a way better chance of making the team then Humber or Mulvey?


Blackburn 14 wins, 180 innings, 200K's. ERA 3.60

Metrics that!

A. McPhail said...

The ek. You must have also graduated high school with C. James because you don't read very well. Dawg said that other things like personality, effort and leadership are brought into consideration when managers make decisions....not ignore the numbers and just go.

Punto sucks more ass than a group of guys at a bachelor party in Vegas, but have you ever considered that maybe Gardy played him last year hoping he would return to his form of 2006? Also, you can thank the most overrated GM in the history of Baseball (T.Ryan) for Punto playing. I am sure Gardy didn't sign him to $3 Million a year and who are they suppose to play in front of him? Maybe we Ryan should have traded some of those can't miss arms for a guy to play the hot corner??? Just a thought. T. Ryan pulled off three good trades otherwise he is a complete tit.

Bear said...

Dawg - I never wrote anything about Miller/Morgan, they are almost as bad as B/B. I just want honest announcers, when a coach or team makes stupid decisions, call them on it. When a player plays like a dog or has a shit AB, call them on it. When Gardy leans into an umpire to tell him that he wants to be thrown out, call him out for being a complete phony. Most importantly, I don't need to hear about how Bert threw so many complete games, nobody cares how many days it is until his birthday, and the whole "circle me" thing only goes to show how completely narcissistic he is.

"Don't be the douche bag that savages a manager in the first game of the season." When is it OK? Game 12, game 36, the ASB, when they're mathematically eliminated, 162.

"Who knows [sic] but I don't think one spot in the lineup had much of an impact on last night's final score." I think if Kubel had gotten a hit in the first, with 2 on, if may have affected last night's final score.

Dogging it in practice, not running out grounders, missing signs. This isn't an 8th grade traveling tryout.

"Gut feeling" - Too funny!

WWWWWW said...

Dawg -

If Blackburn wins 14 games I will retire, turn the keys of DWG over to you, give you all the money in my bank account, and wear nothing but Twins gear for the rest of my life.

I will also defer to you in all things, admit to everyone that you are a baseball genius, and become your slave for a year.

Bear said...

I'm an idiot! (... shit AB, call him on it) (with 2 on, it may ...)

captain obvious said...

yes are an idiot!

the ek said...

Seriously? It took Gardsy 472 Punto ABs and 150 games played (behind only Morneausie and Torii) to figure out 2006 was a major fluke for Little Nicky? He had one of the worst hitting years in major league HISTORY, so plug in Tommy Watkins, Luis Rodriguez, homeless man hanging outside Metrodome, or Jeff Cirillo and you're better off. Just because you pay a guy $3 million a year doesn't mean you should play him if he totally sucks balls. That just compounds the mistake of overpaying him in the first place.

Dawg said...

WWWWW- You can keep your overdrafted checking account.

Bear - Do those announcers exist? The answer is no. The announcers aren't your friends sitting around in the living room eating a couple cans of pringles and enjoing a sixer of Miller Lite (hahahah, cheap ass). They don't get paid to be cynical bastards. They get paid to paint a silver lining around everything. I don't find joy in watching a Twins game with a notebood jotting down faux paus's of the announcers. I enjoy watching the game.

Would the outcome of the game had changed if Kubel started?

How can you say the manager laid an egg by not starting a guy as unproven as Kubel? Do you 2 think you have stats that they (gardy and staff) haven't looked at weeks or months before whatever nerds blog you frequent posted it? Give me an f-ing break.

Gardy knows how to manage a baseball team. Gardy has forgot more about baseball then either one of your pretenders will ever hope to know. This is stupid because everybody will question the manager of whatever team they are rooting for. My only point was that this blog was a tend negative considering we won the f-ing game.

If I was forced to predict a score based on Bear, Snacks, WWWW and Sidler's comments from the game I would said Angels 50 Twins 1.

Go Twins!

Eat it FishMN!

snacks said...

dawg -

Hey jackass, my only negative comment about the game had to do with the announcers.

If you look at the first comment in this post, you will see that I said the Twins offense will be improved this year.

If you slide down a hair, you'll see where I said that Harris will be an offensive upgrade over Castillo.

If you look at the first (and so far only) comment under the actual review of the game, you'll see that I commented on how good both Young and Gomez looked, and how this team has a very bright future if some of the pitchers develop.

Where exactly did my comments lead you to believe the Twins got killed last night?

You are such a dipshit.

McPhail said...

The Ek, Have you ever watched baseball? Punto blows, everyone in the world knows that. But a team like the twins has to play a guy they pay $3 million dollars for. 06 might have been a mirage, but what made you think his 2007 wasn't a mirage also? Plug in Tommy Watkins or Luis Rodriguez??? Not even you believe that is an upgrade. I woould also guess that neither of them played because you catch the ball better. Remember D is also part of the game.

Also, Jeff Cirillo was to busy crying about missing his family to play last year so I am guessing he wasn't an option. The problem was no talent behind Punto.

Bear, how can you take apart Bert when you have his jersey in your closet and his bobblehead on your TV? Sellout!

Bear said...

"He has forgotten more about the game than you have ever known." Congrats, you have managed to regurgitate the absolute dumbest cliche in all of sports.

Do you honestly think that it that hard to manage a professional baseball team. This isn't football or basketball, you're not developing offensive strategies or a shut down defense, you don't need to give fire & brimstone speeches. IT'S BASEBALL!

"we won the f-ing game." You are not a member of the team, you didn't win anything, the Twins won the game.

Don't mistake honesty for cynicism. Don't you find it insulting when B/B try to tell you that a pile of shit is actually a pile if diamonds?

WWWWWW said...

Dawg -

Reread my game recap. There isn't a negative word towards the Twins in the whole thing. It was actually quite positive.

As much as I dislike it, I'm forced to agree with Snacks here. You are such a dipshit.

P.S. Are you coming to the game with me Thursday or what?

Anonymous said...

Has Gardy ever made a mistake? I guess not since he's forgotten more baseball than me.

Playing washouts like Castro over Bartlett? An underrated genius move. Without it Bartlett doesn't come up and hit .309 and play better defense than Castro.

Giving Ruben Sierra, Brent Abernathy, Josh Rabe, Glenn Williams, Luis Rodriguez, Mike Ryan, Terry Tiffee and other scrubs playing time over Cuddyer in 2005-06? BRILLIANT! Look at how well Cuddyer plays today.

Sticking with Scrondell White, Tony Batista, and Nick Punto too long? That helped team morale more than I'll ever know or understand.

Jason Tyner starting at DH. Hilarious, the guys in the locker room must have gotten a kick out of that one. Gardy's such a prankster.

Bear said...

The only negative thing I wrote about the game was that I am already sick of Monroe and I still despise B&B. Learn how to read!

As much as I hate to agree with the brothers W, you are such a dipshit.

Dawg said...

Snacks - You thought Hoffarber was/is a garbage basketball player and have the audacity to call me a dipshit and jackass?. (Sorry but this will be my go to line with you for the next 3-5 years).

Snacks and Bear - I only mentioned you 2 because of your anti B/B sentiment. Otherwise Snacks that was the most positivity I have ever read from you.

Bear- Please don't go with your patent "how hard is it to manage (fill in the blank)" you sound like a naive twit. The job of major league manager is infinitely more difficult then you give credit for. Way to over simplify what they do by implying that they fill out the lineup card and make a couple in game substitutions because thats what you see on TV.

WWWW- Tell me if this sounds familiar:

"Hunter much better than Gomez

Castillo much better than whoever plays second

Bartlett much better than Everett

Third is just a black hole of hitting anyway you want to look at it, as is DH.

Delmon is the only place the offense upgraded. It is going to suck hard."

Or how about:

"Castillo: .301/.362/.359

Harris: .286/.343/.434

I stand corrected. They both suck.

Twins scored 718 runs last year. I would be willing to wager they score less than that this season."

Or my favorite out of the group:

"5. What does this uncertain offense + mishmash rotation mean, combined with a solid bullpen and a step down in defense? Dead last in the AL central, even behind the Royals. Would be the worst team in the entire American League, except that the Orioles are in an even bigger mess, and just getting worse."

Does any of that negativity sound familiar?

You are a negative a-hole WWWW. With that said I would love to catch the game tomorrow with you but I won't be able to sneak out. I am all over my boss's radar.

1 down 161 to go! Go Twins, Go Gardy (your the smartest regardless of what the Sidler says) and Go Dick & Bert!

WWWWWW said...

I was negative in my preview/predictions post. Not in the game recap, which is what you were talking about.

So you're still a dipshit.

Naive Twit said...

All I am saying is that of the 4 major American sports, baseball is the easiest to manage/coach. If you plugged in any MLB coach throughout history, you would get the same results, relatively. You give these guys way too much credit, they're not that smart.

My patented line, that's almost what I wrote.

snacks said...

dawg - if Hoffarber ever becomes a solid all around player, you can have credit for that one. Right now he is good at only one thing - shooting from outside. He is average or below average at nearly every other aspect of the game. He cannot create his own shot, he has little to no mid-range game or ability to take the ball to the rack, he is a mediocre ball handler, is no better (and probably worse) than average of a rebounder for a guy with his height and is a HUGE defensive liability.

But he can make threes with the best of them in the country, so you're right, I was way off on him.

2 broken hands said...

You lasers have WAY too much time on your hands. Dont any of you have kids? oh do. get off your computers fags

WWWWWW said...

You fail at being funny, interesting, or clever.

2 broken hands said...

story of your life W

Snake said...

You talk to WWWWWWW that way again and You will have two broken legs to go with your arms!

Bert blows!

Anonymous said...

you guys are lasers? awesome!

2 broken arms/snakes broken face said...

Watch your mouth snake or I will punch you in it then make you bring me hot chocolate and fix my phone. Got it?!

Dharma Bum said...

I just skimmed most of this. My favorite part was:
Anonymous said...

Has Gardy ever made a mistake? I guess not since he's forgotten more baseball than me.

Gardy has Alzheimer's?