Sunday, March 2, 2008

Gopher/Buckeye Recap (Kind of)

The Gophers knocked off Ohio State at Williams Arena yesterday, 71-57, in a game that will be a big boost to their RPI and NIT or CBI hopes. Getting a win over a top 50 team can only help them wrangle a bid into one of the crappy tournaments, which means having to watch this team even more.

I attended yesterday's game with the 7-months pregnant Mrs. W, who is more of a basketball tolerater rather than a fan. After the 24-23 first half - one of the most boring halves of basketball I have ever seen - we decided to cut out and go eat some steak. It was really good. So I don't really have a recap of the clearly much more exciting second half, for that you can try over here at PJS.

I will recap the first half for you by posting real, true quotes from Mrs. W at the game yesterday:

On the Gophers' offense: "It's like they don't know what to do out there. They're just floundering about."

After noticing the score for the first time with about 5 minutes left: "Holy crap this is low scoring. What the hell?"

On the spazzy members of the band: "What's wrong with band people?"

On Ohio State: "They're way faster than the Gophers, and they seem to have their shit together."

On Kosta Koufos: "That guy is really frickin' tall."

On a guy stamping his feet when cheering: "Is that guy special?"

On her favorite part of the game: "The dance team at halftime, for sure."

On the guy in front of us who kept standing up to yell at the refs: "Keep yelling, frumptastic. I'm sure the ref will change his mind. What an idiot. And his kid is next to him. That poor kid should be taken away so he has a chance in life."

On the Gophers in general: "They suck. This is embarrassing."

And there you have it. Obviously, they got their shit together in the second half, scoring 47 points, and beat a Buckeye team that really needed this win. Excellent win, and I kind of wish we had been there for the second half. Maybe next time the Gophers won't suck so bad in the first half and force us to leave.

Temple +6.5 @ St Joe's
Maryland -2 vs. Clemson
Cincinnati -4.5 vs. Providence
Kentucky +14.5 @ Tennessee
Notre Dame -5.5 @ DePaul
Indiana +5.5 @ Michigan State
UCLA -5 @ Arizona
Clemson/Maryland OVER 148

Yesterday: 9-8
Season: 376-354


Grandslam said...

So for the first time this year i actually paid pretty close attention to a gopher basketball game. All i can say is our big man are about as good as Kyle Sanden, or Aliou Kane (i think that was his name) or the Stanford Brothers. Correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't Dan Coleman supposed to be decent?? All these guys do is pass it to the other team and miss little chippies inside consistently. For gods sake, Russ Archambault could make a lay-up!

alex said...

The halftime show sucked, Mrs. W needs to learn more about quality halftime entertainment (the Little Chippers? the girl who flips bowls onto her head while riding a unicycle?!).