Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sweet 16 Preview: Midwest Region

Last, but not least, the Midwest Region. I also want to mention that the McDonalds all-star game is Wednesday night. I won't be able to watch it right off, but they're replaying it a bunch of times and I'll check it out and give my thoughts.

Kansas -11.5 vs. Villanova: Scottie Reynolds sucks and so does Villanova. That's been my opinion all season, and I'm sticking with it. Just because they managed to get passed Clemson and then lucked into a matchup with Siena doesn't change that fact. The other fact in play here, is that Kansas is the most talented team in this tournament. They are also one of the top defensive teams, and have no problem shutting down scoring point guards. In their two matchups against Texas, DJ Augustin, a much, much, much better player than Scottie Reynolds, shot a combined 8-31. I don't think you have to worry about the Jayhawk guards handling Reynolds. Add in the fact that Nova is not a particularly good defensive team, ranking 210th in the country in effective FG % against, while Kansas ranks 5th in offensive effective FG %, and you're looking at a rout from the get go.

Wisconsin -4.5 vs. Davidson: Of course I don't want Wisconsin to win, I hate those bastards. Not to mention Davidson is a fun team to watch, and Stephen Curry is completely ridiculous. It's just the Badgers are the best defensive team in the country, and if anybody can scheme to shut down Curry it's Bo Ryan.

The good news for Davidson fans and Badger haters is that Georgetown is a top 10 defensive team as well, and that didn't stop Curry from dropping 30 on them in that big second round win. The Wildcats showed they can play with a bigger, stronger, better defensive team, and that gives them hope that they can handle the Badgers on Friday.

There's hope, but it's slim, and I don't see it happening. Davidson will likely keep it tight for a while, but unless Curry can really get off, the superior size, defense, and fundamentals of the Badgers will carry them to both a win and a cover.



Bear said...

That's really gross.

I've been checking the site throughout the day, holding my breath, waiting to see what trim you would offer up for your loyal/masochistic readers, and that's what you give us. Thanks for nothing.

I'm going to go read Up with Bucky, with a flaccid crank.

WWWWWW said...

Let's just say KU doesn't exactly have a lot of hot chick pictures out there.

Badger Tracker said...

"Unfortunately?" I believe you mean "A BADGER WIN WOULD BE AEWSOME!!!!!!1"

Yes? No?

WWWWWW said...

I'm gonna say no.

snacks said...

Great. I was just pulling up DWG when my secretary walked in, with the above picture front and center. Hopefully I got it minimized before she realized what was there. Otherwise, I will probably be hearing from HR soon about looking up softcore porn while at work. Wonderful.

Mike Cherry said...

Just sexually harrass until she quits.

Snake said...

Snacks you should be fine. Those "women" look like men. Your receptionist is most likely wondering why you where looking at a picture with a bunch of guys holding soccer balls in front of their chests. The worst that will come of this is she might think you hit for both teams.

WWWWWW, this is the first time that you have really let me down. Lets try and step up the Pelt for final four week! If you cant find a good picture just fall back the the Ohio State's been a while!

P.S. Cherry, cut your beard already!

klinger said...

pretty sure snacks just commented on this to make sure everyone was aware that he has a secretary...what an asshole.

Dawg said...

WWWW - So what you are trying to tell us is KU has a hideous womens soccer team AND cheer leaders? I wonder of Cole Alrich was aware of this before committing.

Eddie Maisonet, III said...

Nice ass picture with the chick in camo and bullets. Hot damn.

Even though I'm not a big hockey fan (but lets go Broad Street Bullies, Philly baby) your blog is a good read.

Come check me out on my blog, lets go Davidson!


Snake said...

WWWWWW, Crazy Eddie Maisonet, III knows what he is talking about. Get him linked up on your blogs to visit list. I guy with his taste must be a good read!