Tuesday, March 11, 2008

WCHA Playoff Preview

The WCHA regular season came to an end last weekend. This week I will be handing out my post season awards and breaking down the first round of the WCHA playoffs. Before we start I want to give congratulations to Colorado College for winning the McNaughton Cup and basically leading the conference from wire to wire.

WCHA First Team

F- Ryan Lasch- Leading Scorer in the conference and one of the top scorers in the nation.
F- Chad Rau- 2nd leading scorer in conference play, led conference in shorties, WCHA Champion.
F- TJ Oshie- Best all around player in the conference. Will be on the People Magazines 2008 sexiest people list.
D- Jack Hillen- Leading scorer among defenseman in the conference and country.
D- Taylor Chorney- Probably doesn’t deserve this, but was first team last year and still had a solid season. Robbie Bina could also land here on the official list, just not mine, I hate gimps!
G- Phil Lamerioux- Best goalie in the league. Also the biggest twat. 1.66 GAA and .934 Save %

All Frosh Team

F- Garret Roe-SCSU- Top frosh scorer in the conference and one of the top overall scorers in the country.
F- Kyle Turris-UW- Led Wisconsin in scoring. #3 overall pick in last years NHL draft.
F- Tyler Bozeak-DU- #7 overall scorer in WCHA play.
D- Ryan Mc Donaugh-UW- Wisconsin- Played a ton of minutes and had a very solid year.
D- Cade Fairchild- MN- Leading point getter for Frosh defenders in the conference. Played a ton of minutes
G- Richard Bachman-CC- If he wasn’t a frosh he might be up for Conference MVP. Similar numbers to twat boy. 1.77 GAA and .934 Save %.

Conference MVP- Phil Lamerioux- UND

ROY- Richard Bachman-CC- Three way race between Bachman, Roe (scsu), and Turris.

Coach of the Year- Troy Jutting- His team was expected to finish near the bottom of the WCHA and finished in the top half of the conference and will likely make the NCAA tournament. Lucia still owns him though!

#1 Colorado College vs #10 Alaska Anchorage- Alaska is just plain awful and will not be able to skate with Colorado College. CC wins 5-1 on Friday and 4-1 Saturday for a 2-0 sweep. It would be nice if the WCHA could boot Alaska from the conference and add Bemidji State.

#2 UND vs #9 Michigan Tech- These games SHOULD be low scoring because of the style Tech plays and I wouldn’t be shocked if Tech steals 1 game. With that being said I am still picking UND to win 3-2 Friday night and 2-1 Saturday for a 2-0 sweep. UND’s winning streak will end next weekend in St. Paul.

#3 Denver vs #8 UMD- Not sure what to expect in this series. Denver has not played well for over a month now and UMD has been terrible until the Gophers gift wrapped a win for them last Saturday. I will go with the home team winning 3-1 Friday night, UMD stays alive with a 3-2 win Saturday and Denver wins game #3 3-1. Denver wins the series 2-1.

#4 Mankato State vs #7 U of — This may come to a shock to most of you but I am actually going to pick the Gophers to win in three games. The main reason is the Gophers own Mankato State. The Gophers life time record vs Mankato is 25-2-5. If Mankato wins 1 game this weekend that would double the amount of games the have won vs the gophers in Mankato. Gophers win 3-2 Friday, Mankato wins 3-2 Saturday and the Gophers win 2-1 Sunday. Gophers win the series 2-1.

#5 St.Cloud vs #6 Wisconsin- This is another series where the visiting team completely owns their opponent. Up until two weeks ago St. Cloud had gone 17 games without beating Wisconsin. That streak was snapped two weeks ago with a 3-2 victory in the 2nd game of that series. Look for another close series similar to the MN vs Mankato series. Wisconsin wins 3-2 Friday, St. Cloud wins 3-2 Saturday and Wisconsin wins 4-2 Sunday. Wisconsin wins series 2-1.

That will give us a final Five of CC, UND, Denver, Wisconsin and MN. You can write that in with permanent marker!

Also, Congratulation to Ryan Duncan on winning the Hoby Baker Award in 2007 and not even making first team all-conference in 2008. Toews is still waiting for his trophy....f’ing thief!


Anonymous said...

"D- Tyler Chorney- Probably doesn’t deserve this, but was first team last year and still had a solid season. Robbie Bina could also land here on the official list, just not mine, I hate gimps!"

Who the hell is Tyler Chorney?

Officer Jon Baker said...

Great the anonymous spell police are back on patrol! I am guessing he meant Taylor. Thanks for another great contribution Ponch....loser!

The Todd said...

I really hope they can knock off MSU this weekend. Otherwise my tickets for the Final 5 are going to be worthless and I'll be getting shit my pants drunk while flinging it onto the ice.

Tyler Chorney said...

god your awesome "the todd"

Bear said...

Wasn't me.

Dawg said...

Gophs have been scoring as of late like JT at the Teen Choice Awards. If Kangas stops partying with Frazee on Friday nights he should return to the unstoppable brick wall in net that we have all come to know and love on Saturday and not the hungover siv we saw against UMD and Wisco. All of this results in a gopher sweep 5-2, 3-0.

The sweep will be devistating to the city and result in at least 4 more Mankato students binge drinking themselves to death.

snacks said...

Do you think the parents of the binge drinker deaths will sue the Gopher hockey players? I mean, won't they be the ones who are really at fault rather than their moronic children?

Gayer then AIDS said...

You should see the little douche bag Mankato hockey players. There is no way they are gonna sweep the gophs even with a hungover, possibly still drunk kangas. These fags hangout at a bar called boomtown and drink bar rail rum and cokes. They are complete degenerates. Plus they all talk about how bad they suck. haha
Even they know they are complete jokes.

Dawg said...

Snacks you better hope that your lawyer friends don't read DWG. Its always somebody's fault (at least financially) in the tragic case of a college student drinking themself to death.

But to answer your question, yes the gopher hockey players will be held accountable for the inevitable drinking related deaths that occur after the gophers sweep those rail drinking fruit cups.

Amanda Jax said...

It is spring break at Mankato so the gophers will not be the cause of the students drinking deaths this weekend. Unless Frazee snaps over his lack of playing time and drinks himself to death. Instead the parents will have to sue some poor mexican bar tender from Cancun for his donkey and wool blankets because those sissy mankato students can't handle their drinks.

Gophers sweep!

Chris Jenkins said...

Ajax - That was the most insensitve thing I've ever read.

PS I still hate natives

The Todd said...

Christ, how hard is it to control your binge drinking? Even I'm still alive and well. Idiots.

Amanda Jax said...

Hey, Chris Jenkins. Now that we are both dead we should hook up in heaven and tear this place up. We can drink all we want now.

P.S. God just told me he is cheering for the Gophers this weekend.

god says said...

GOD HATES the gophers, he told me after my out of body experience after a long long night of binge drinking with the todd.

Sioux Fan said...

Not that I don't think Lamoreux should be on the first team, but just so you have the right guy it was actually Bachman from CC that was the goalie on the first team this season. Lamoreux made the 2nd team and goalie of the year, but backman made 1st and WCHA player of the year. If that makes any sense! Love the GOldie icon in the upper left corner!

Snake said...

Sioux Fan- That is the first team as I picked it, not the official WCHA awards. My awards are much more prestigious and announced earlier in the week.