Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Golf at the Blue Monster.

More of the good ole Grandslam babble for our golf fans this week:

Let's start this week of with a little word of wisdom from our own N. Faldo last week with this statement......"WWWW great jab, GS do you know how to use the shift+letter to capitalize? Thanks for the dazzling recap and stretch pick of Eldrick, which if you are a degenerate gambler, like the rest of the group on the site seem to be, you would know that to pick against the field; unless its the Master's, US Open at Pebble, British at St. Andrew's, PGA at Merion, any event linked to Buick or any event played at Firstone CC, is a bad pick even when it's Tiger. March Madness is all around us yet the twins guy and hockey dude have poured their hearts out with no thoughts of just mailing it in. Come on and get the oars in the water kid."

Seriously "Faldo", week after week you just continue to stick your foot in your mouth. Just remember this, I.......Grandslam am a great golfing mind!

Tiger Woods seems to amaze me week after week. The guy has a 7 shot deficit after 36 holes to the #10 player in the world Vijay Singh, and come Sunday he would make Vijay into a non-factor.

Of course Tiger Woods being one for the dramatic did it again on Sunday. On the 72nd hole tied for the lead, he hit it to about 30 feet on his approach. And what a surprise the only person dumber than our own "Nick Faldo" is Johnny Miller. Am i the only one that can't stand this guy?? So Tiger hits it to 30 feet and Johnny Miller says "there is a 90% chance that this tournament is going to a playoff."

So i hear this and run off to do something for about 5 minutes tops and when i come back the damn news is on, and i was pissed. Sure as shit, Tiger would knock it in, in dramatic fashion like the #1 player in the world would. ATTENTION PGA Tour record books, clear alot of space for Mr. Eldrick "Tiger" Woods. As if we didn't know this already, but this guy is going to shatter every single big time record there is on the PGA Tour.

The guy is 31 or something and just tied Ben Hogan with his 63rd career victory, with only Jack Nicklaus and Sam Snead left in his way to being the all-time winningest golfer. Tiger has separated himself so far from the rest of the field right now, that it is ridiculous. That being said I have asked the question once, but could Tiger win every tournament he starts in this year?? Could he win the career grandslam again, but all in the same year?? These are some questions that only time will tell, but it will be fun to watch.

The best players in the world will travel south to Miami for the CA-World Golf Championships at Doral and the famed Blue Monster. This tournament year after year always seems to come down to the 18th hole which is always one of the if not the toughest hole on the PGA Tour. When describing the 18th, i heard someone describe it as "safe haven on the 18th hole is about as easy to find as a calm mortgage lender. With no bailouts anywhere on the hole and a green that's shaven tightly and sloping straight into the water, With the 18th hole again prove to show its ugly fangs and end someones dream about winning a World Golf Championship. With this type of format we are guaranteed again this week to see one of the strongest fields in Golf, which will make for an exciting 4 days.

Quite frankly i would have to be a complete idiot not to, so my pick to win this week is Tiger Woods. I will keep picking this guy week after week until he proves me wrong. However i have a sneaky pick this week and that's the "spiderman" Camillo Villegas. Oh and this week there is also an inaugural event being played aside from the CA with the Puerto Rico Open, you don't care and i don't care but i'm still gonna try and pick a winner. That is, and going way out on a limb will pick Pablo Martin!

Enjoy the big dance this week and watch a little golf, it will be good!!!



The Todd said...

Tightly shaven...very nice.

Theory said...

I've never heard of Pablo Martin.

Tiger's putt on Sunday was ridiculous. Seriously, I thought he was completely out of it after the second day, and the next thing I hear is that he's tied for first after the third day. Unbelievable.
And once again Vijay blew his chances at a win. He came out and played great the first two days, and we all thought, "Vijay is back!" Only to have him suck it up the next two days, just like he has the past two years.

Faldo said...

Thanks for the print, any pub is good pub in my book. Maybe after I have the surgery to remove my foot from my mouth I will have something to say.

Grandslam said...

Pablo Martin is good, just give him a few years! He was like the greatest thing since sliced bread when he attended Oklahoma State U.