Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hey Sports Guy, Stick to the NBA

In Bill Simmons column today about the NCAA tournament, he has this to say about UCLA:

the Bruins don't have a low-post stud (like Michael Beasley) or an ankle-breaking perimeter guy (like Jerryd Bayless)

Um, I suppose if you really wanted to you could probably argue that Kevin Love isn't a "low-post stud" because he is an inside/outside type player and although he can score from the block, that isn't really his best feature. I'd argue against you, but I can see it. But to say they don't have an ankle-breaking perimeter guy is ridiculous. How do you not consider Darren Collison, and even Russel Westbrook, an ankle breaker? Stick to the NBA Bill, stick to the NBA.


Bear said...

How many teams in the tourney have a low post stud? Fucking tool! His real problem with UCLA, they play in the PST zone. Why do you read this guy?

Clearly, I'm an internet illiterate. It says I need a password to get into your bracket pool. What is it? I'm to lazy to look for it.

WWWWWW said...

password = ricotucker

The Sidler said...

He also doesn't think Love has been included in the freshman class discussion...only if he considers NBA lottery position as the only discussion.

Sports Gal's picks column > Sports Guy

WWWWWW said...

I forgot that part. Seeing as how Love and Mayo were on the cover of sports illustrated together, I'm going to go ahead and say Love was part of the freshman class discussion.

That guy is entertaining, but pretty much an idiot.