Saturday, March 1, 2008

Go Twins

I managed to catch some of the Twins/Red Sox game on Boston's station NESN last night. I managed to watch enough to see Kevin Slowey give up back-to-back homeruns and see Punto demonstrate his gritty scrappy hustletude by sliding in the outfield to grab an errant throw from Joe Mauer.

I'm so excited for this season.

Vandy/Arkansas OVER 147.5 (W)
Oklahoma -1.5 vs. Texas A&M (W)
Wichita State +12 @ Drake (W)
St Mary's +6.5 @ Gonzaga
Stanford -4.5 vs. Washington State (W)
Syracuse -2.5 vs. Pitt (L)
Duke -12 @ NC State (L)
Miami -6.5 vs. Virginia (L)
Ohio State +3 @ Minnesota (L)
Baylor -6.5 vs. Missouri (W)
Memphis -11.5 @ Southern Miss (L)
Kansas State +13 @ Kansas
UCONN -5 vs. West Virginia (W)
Alabama +6.5 @ Ole Miss (W)
Rhode Island PK @ LaSalle (W)
Marquette -3 vs. Georgetown (L)
Vanderbilt +7 @ Arkansas (W)

Thursday: 7-5
Season: 367-346


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