Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Gophers vs. Hoosiers (taped)

So I already know what happened in the Gopher game, they lost by like 15, but I had to kind of sort of watch it at the bar since I was busy drinking and sucking at Golden Tee. Luckily, the Big Ten network was kind enough to replay the game at 11 tonight, and since I have more beers and don't feel like sleepy time, I'm going to watch it and write things that may or may not be interesting.

I seriously can't believe the whole "forget Royce White" attitude. I really can't. I honestly can't relate to the "let's stop recruiting him because he cheated" group. It's such a minor offense, I don't understand why we'd need to write him off. Congratulations all of you who feel this way, because even if Tubby would take him (and he should) I would be willing to bet he won't come here now. Good work. And people call me negative.

Pregame - So Dan Coleman is 33 points away from 1,000 in his career. What do you play, around 30 games a year? So in four years, that's a less than 10 point per game average to get to 1,000. Congratulations?

18:58 - McKenzie called for a carry. For the one hundredth time this year. You'd think he'd figure that out.

17:49 - Excellent turnaround for Coleman. He really could be so much better than he is. All the tools are there.

17:05 - Another McKenzie turnover. If he wasn't the only offensive option on this team, I'd say bench him.

15:24 - Had one of our biggest traffic days ever today (about a PJS average day). I guess this whole Royce White thing is a pretty big deal.

14:24 - DJ White just destroys Spencer to get an offensive rebound and a put back. It's just not fair.

13:49 - I'm ok with McKenzie taking a shot from anywhere at any time. We tried the whole "distributor thing." It didn't work

13:38 - Holy crap - great block by Coleman on White. That makes it White 277, Coleman 2 over the last four years.

12:54 - This would be alot more fun if I didn't know what was going to happen. Also, I happened to catch some of the Twins/yankees preseason game this afternoon. Kevin Slowey started and gave up 3 runs in 2 innings. Also, Brendan Harris, our new second baseman (or Brandon, not sure) had two ground balls he dove for, one to the left and one to the right, and didn't get a glove on either of them. And Carlos Gomez misplayed a flyball which he turned into a double, and then tried to throw home for a play at the plate and threw it into the dugout. They don't look good.

11:48 - Tonights trivia question "which former hoosier holds the big ten freshman scoring record?" I'm gonna go with Calbert Cheaney.

10:32- If nothing else, they're making them work for shots. Also, if the Wolves end up with Eric Gordon I'll kill myself. Not really, but that would suck.

8:42 - Jon Williams scores with a very nice move on the block. Is there hope? I kind of doubt it, but every so often he shows some glimpses. Plus anybody who can swat the ball Antoine Broxsie style is ok in my book.

8:01 - Blake Hoffbauer: 182 field goals attempted, 138 from three. Jesus Christ, Rickert, it's ok to step inside the line once in a while.

7:09 - Seriously, Eric Gordon is just not very smart with the basketball. The Gophers (who are very good at this) turned him over 7 times last game, and he has several already this game.

6:18 - 48.4% of Butlers field goal attempts this year are from three. Wow. Just amazing. They are either ripe for an upset or are ready to rip through the tournament.

5:40 - J Williams just airballed a free throw.

4:25 - Eric Gordon averages 2.5 assists per game. 2.5. 2 point five. You know who averages more than that in the Big Ten? Everybody. That's god awful for a point guard, especially an "All-American" type.

3:52 - Dan Coleman is the 233rd biggest ball hog in the country, taking 27.4% of the team's shots when he's on the court. The biggest? Charron Fisher of Niagara, at 38.9%. Interestingness? Stephen Curry of Davidson at 35.4%, OJ Mayo at 34.7%, and Luke Harangody at 34.9%. Biggest ballhog in the Big Ten is Kosta Koufos at 31.8%. I was shocked too.

1:40 - Dan Coleman knocks down a three, making him 3-18 on the year. I don't know why Tubby made him stop shooting the three. He shot 34%, 35%, and 28% the last three years. Not great, but I don't know that it's "stop shooting" territory. It's not like it's Rickert.

0:00 - I still can't believe DJ White hit that shot. What a dick. Also, the fact that it's his first career three pointer does not bode well for his NBA career. Currently projected as the 21st pick in the first round, if you're curious. Over a full round earlier than Rick Rickert.

0:00 - My new favorite stat is Assist Rate. This is the percentage of possessions a player gets an assist when a team scores when he is on the floor. Darrell Jenkins of East Carolina leads the country, as 47.8% of his teams field goals come from an assist from him if he's on the court. That's sick. Jamar Butler leads the Big Ten at 34.6%. Leading Gopher is Al Nolen at 28%.

18:20 - three hoosier offensive rebounds to start the half. Awesome. I can't wait to pick against Indiana in the first round, by the way.

17:22 - Dan Coleman hits another three. See, I told you. Stupid Tubby.

15:09 - That is a horrible, horrible charge called on Coleman. And I'm pretty much the last one to mention bad calls.

14:35 - Out of beer. Switching to scotch. NOTE: This is not a good idea.

12:48 - I somehow manages to get my best tie (dry clean only) into the wash and it is now ruined. This sucks more than I can even begin to tell you.

10:38 - Jesus does Al Nolen show some really, really solid flashes sometimes. I have to admit, I'm very excited to see what he does the next few years. No Whammies.

8:50 - McKenzie drains threes on two possessions and I've now decided I'm blaming this season on him and his "trying to be a point guard to show the NBA people 'see, I can be a point guard' when in reality he's a shooting guard with a CBA future."

8:18 - We have a 47-46 Minnesota lead. I believe it's somewhere around here the wheels come off.

0:00 - Wow, what a god damned surprise. The Gophers hang with a superior team for about 33 minutes, and then get their doors completely blown off. I can hardly believe it.


snacks said...

The gopher hole crazies are still going off on what a terrible person Royce White is and how we need to stop recruiting him. Those people are insane.

alex said...

Uh, DC got his 1000th point against Colorado State earlier this year.

WWWWWW said...

Yeah, that sounds right. So the announcers for BTN were wrong. They put a graphic up and everything.

The Sidler said...

ESPN has Gordon as a top 5 pick in their mock draft right now. I'm a complete homer for players from Indiana, but I just don't see how he's a top 5 (hell, top 10 even) pick at this point. His biggest offensive weaknesses, decision making and handling the ball in traffic, are going to kill his value in the NBA. And then there's his defense...

He's a slightly richer man's Randy Foye in my opinion.