Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bay Hill? More like GAY Hill.

Am I right? Come on people.

Anyway, here's Grandslam's half-hearted contribution this week:


Well first off Nick Faldo, i will apologize for my great golfing mind pick of Joe D. Nice MC!

This weeks recap is gonna be short and sweet, because lets face it selection Sunday is this weekend and the majority of you could give a shit less about what i have to say about golf this weekend.

As for the PODS Stewart Cink pretty much had an ass explosion down his leg and Sean O'Hair took advantage of it and won!

And as for this weeks Arnold Palmer Invitational aka The Bay Hill, it will be possibly the best field that we have seen thus far this year. Invitational tournaments on the PGA Tour are basically like majors, you have to be someone to get invited to these things. That being said, guess who's in the field this week???? That's right the #1 player himself Tiger Woods. I will really go out on a limb for my pick this week and pick Tiger Woods. Lets face it the way this guy has dominated in the last 2 years, you would have to be a complete dumbass not to pick him. My honorable mention pick will be Geoff Ogilvy. Hopefully he found his game again last week at the PODS and will start to get on a hot streak, i really like this guy.

But again, the majority of you don't give a shit about what i say, and you especially won't this week with maybe the biggest week of college basketball all season. So enjoy the week and i will talk to you knuckleheads next week.

GO Oral Roberts!!!

- Grandslam



Grandslam said...

what does Geoff Ogilvy at the US Open have to do with Bay Hill???

The Todd said...

WWWWWWWWWW, what's the plan for next week...the usual? I'm gonna hold out and see how the shitacular Gophers hockey team does this weekend before making any sort of knee jerk reaction. Binge drinking will be involved for sure but I'm just not positive when and where.

WWWWWW said...

GS - I've said it before, but feel free to come up with your own damn pics.

The Todd - I'll be at Sensor's both Thursday and Friday. Hope to see you there.

The Todd said...

That's my man! I'll just need a ride to the X on Thursday night and Friday afternoon...thanks.

Grandslam said...

I never said there was a problem with the pics, just curious how you picked this one?? Maybe i will just send you a new pornstar pick every week. Is that allowed on the goldy blog?

Dr. Acula!. said...

No NAKED porn stars. Does that even make sense?

I'd like to continue to look at this garbage while at work.

WWWWWW said...

I really don't think looking at your favorite male stars is a good way to drive traffic.

N. Faldo said...

WWWW great jab, GS do you know how to use the shift+letter to capitalize? Thanks for the dazzling recap and stretch pick of Eldrick, which if you are a degenerate gambler, like the rest of the group on the site seem to be, you would know that to pick against the field; unless its the Master's, US Open at Pebble, British at St. Andrew's, PGA at Merion, any event linked to Buick or any event played at Firstone CC, is a bad pick even when it's Tiger. March Madness is all around us yet the twins guy and hockey dude have poured their hearts out with no thoughts of just mailing it in. Come on and get the oars in the water kid.

Nick F. said...

Damn you Tiger! I will still take the field every time.

Anonymous said...

Faldo, Give it a rest. G.Slam owns you slave boy.

Anonymous said...

Tiger 5
Field 0
Faldo -2


Keep talking Faldo, I always need a little unintentional humor to break up my days. Your sheer stupidity seems to do the trick everytime.