Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Allegiance has Officially Switched

From this point forth (for this season only) I am now a Seattle Mariners fan. For a very simple reason, please don't judge me too harshly until you see why.

It's not because the Twins are throwing away this season by going 3-9 so far in August when they really need to make a push.

It's not because the Twins refused to trade any of their prospects for a bat before the deadline, even though sometimes it's good to trade when the value is at it's peak because pitching prospects don't always work out (see J.D. Durbin, Adam Johnson).

It's not because last night a string of the lineup was as follows: Rondell White, Tyner, Punto, Casilla, Bartlett - although that is laughable.

It's not because the Twins continue to pinch hit with guys like Lew Ford and Luis Rodriguez - I'm not sure what's worse, that those guys are the best bats off the bench, or that guys in the lineup are bad enough to be yanked for that quality of hitter.

It's simply for the reason that at the beginning of the year, the Seattle Mariners were 40-1 to win the AL pennant, and I thought those looked like pretty good odds.

Now, with the Twins running away from contention as fast as their little legs can carry them, and Seattle with a shot at making the playoffs - tied for the Wild Card with the dreaded Yankees - I must follow my greedy little heart and become a Mariners fan.

Although it will be difficult to root against Garza tonight.

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