Sunday, August 12, 2007

Quick Thoughts

I finally have power back at my house, and here are a few thoughts from this weekend:

- The Twins suck. Their hitting is just horrible, I've never seen anything like it other than 2005. and 2004. and 2003. and.....

- I watched the first series of the Vikings Preseason game on Friday, and saw Jackson complete a few passes, run for about 10 yards, and Troy Williamson actually catch a pass. So I'd say it looks like an 11 or 12 win season for the Purple.

- When the hell did Purdue become relevant again? The job Matt Painter is doing recruiting there is just staggering. For the upcoming season, Purdue has freshman ranked #35, #41, #71, and #72 on the Rivals Top 150, and this past week they signed two freshman for 2008, Ryne Smith and Lewis Jackson, who are both on the list for 2008. In case you are wondering, the Gophers have zero players signed from the list for 2007 and zero signed for 2008.

- My golf picks for matchups in the PGA Championship went 6-1. I told you people I was an expert.

- Speaking of the PGA Championship, it looks like El Tigre is going to win a major this year. He's up 2 with 3 to play. Woody Austin and Ernie Els were making him a bit nervous, but he decided to birdie back-to-back holes because he's just that good.

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