Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I just, literally, seconds ago witnessed Barry Bonds break Hank Aaron's all-time home run record off some guy who I don't even know was pitching.

It's funny, because even though the San Fran fans seems to be pretty jazzed about it, his teammates don't seem to give a crap. Probably because he's completely turned this into an individual achievement, which I admit it is, but still. I haven't even seen him acknowledge a teammate.

And there's Willie "Hayes" Mays, and he's about to say some stuff now.

I honestly don't even know how to feel about this. It sucks that he is a cheater, and it sucks that he's an asshole. I truly wish it was different, and I truly wish I could be more excited about this, but I can't.

And there's Hank Aaron on the Jumbotron congratulating Barry. That's dumb. Either show up and be diplomatic about it, or take a stand and don't do anything. I thought he was all pissy and wasn't going to even acknowledge it, which I could at least respect. Now he just played it both ways and looks like a dummy. TAKE A STAND AND GO WITH IT. Support him or don't. Just like Bud Selig. This middle crap is stupid. UPDATE: I've since learned that perhaps Aaron wasn't as against Bonds as I thought. So I kind of sort of take it back a little.

Although, weirdly, it's kind of how I feel. Indifferent.

Although Bonds just thanked his Dad, pointed to the sky, and then looked like he was about to cry, which is kind of how the reaction of the guy who just broke the "most hallowed record in sports" should be.

I didn't even know Bobby Bonds was dead. That's too bad. From what I've seen he was a pretty good player, although he struck out a lot.

Maybe we can get on with a very good baseball season now, and let this not dominate it.

Also, that dude who got the ball is going to be rich. You should see it, it's a freakin' scrum.

This is a lot of words but shut up I'm drunk in Virginia. Thank God for auto spellcheck on this blogger machine.

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