Friday, August 31, 2007

This Solves Everything!

In the pioneer press:

The football Gophers will wear white shoes in their opener against Bowling Green on Saturday night, instead of the black shoes they have worn for years, because coach Tim Brewster emphasizes speed and believes white shoes project a faster image.

Hasn't even coached one game, and is already making positive changes in the program. Thanks for the info Charley Walters!

ALSO: Bill Walker says he's ready to go for the season in this article:
"I'd say I'm back to 100 percent," Walker said. "My running and jumping is back to normal. (The knee) came back slowly, and I just steadily got my explosiveness and my quickness back."


ALSO ALSO: I was searching for Nathen Garth inside info, and I stumbled across his My Space page. Not really a whole lot of inside info here, other than the fact that he really, really likes God. No word on if he believes Jesus rode dinosaurs.


Theory said...

Ha ha. Nice reference to my blog.

Nate Likes Dudes said...

Maybe they should wear shoes with flames painted on them. Then they would go super-duper fast.

PJS said...

HAHAHAHA. Great post!

Anonymous said...

Can you say welcome back Jim Whacker (RIP)!