Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Final Recruiting Class Ranks

Van Coleman of Hoopmasters has come out with a FINAL ranking of the 2007 NCAA Basketball recruiting classes (Florida is #1). A few Big Ten teams are ranked by Coleman, comments are mine:

#2 INDIANA: Eric Gordon himself would make this a top ten class, but they add several other top tier recruits. As previously detailed, I really like Indiana this year.

#7 PURDUE: I still can't get over this, but they have the guys this year. So weird.

#18 MICHIGAN STATE: No surprise here. Izzo's cupboard starting to look a little bare and he comes in with a stellar recruiting class.

#19 IOWA STATE: Ok, they aren't a Big Ten squad obviously, but it's my brother's alma mater and I love Hilton Coliseum, so I've always had a soft spot for the Cyclones. After the mess the team was in, and having leading scorer and Gopher killer Mike Taylor released from the team, Greg McDermott really needed this class.

#36 ILLINOIS: I've honestly never heard of any of the signees for the Illini other than Jeffrey Jordan (Mike's kid), but Van Coleman has, and he's smarter than I.

Iowa also shows up in the "best of the rest" section, which puts them somewhere between 60-75th. Not mentioned: Minnesota.

Their is also a section ranking individual players, and Hoffarber finished at #157, which is honestly better than I thought he'd be ranked, and now I'm really looking forward to watching the sweet lefty drain the three-ball like Mike Bauer used to.

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