Monday, August 27, 2007

Another Burleson lets his Team Down

Lyndale Burleson, the third of the Burleson trio, has been declared academically ineligible for the fall semester by the Nevada Wolfpack.

Burleson is a junior, who averaged 15 minutes per game last year scoring 1.7 points per game and dishing out 2.2 assists. According to reports, he was supposed to be the starting point guard this year.

Even worse is the fact that he didn't even have GPA problems, he just didn't take enough units to be eligible. That's just pure laziness right there, and from a non-NBA prospect no less. You expect this out of future NBA lottery picks, but not from slightly below average guards from a non-BCS conference.

Kevin sucked for the Gophers, but he managed to scrap his way onto a couple of NBA teams for a few minutes.

Nate was supposed to turn out to be a decent NFL wideout, and I guess he still might, but he was thoroughly mediocre (at best) with the Vikings.

I never thought the third Burleson would be more disappointing than the first two, but, here we are.

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