Wednesday, August 8, 2007

William & Mary Update - A little Reggie Miller too.

I decided to do slightly more research on William & Mary than just listening to random drunk guy at hotel bar, and it turns out, they are awesome.

They were an awesome 15-15 last year, 8-10 in the tough Colonial Conference (yes, it's a decent mid-major, but still) with out-of-conference losses to such prestigious programs like Towson, Navy, and Holy Cross, with only win against a decent team (Drexel).

They are also losing their best player, a guy who led the team in scoring, rebounding, and steals.

They must have an awesome recruiting class.

I also just saw on sportscenter that Reggie Miller is considering coming out of retirement to play for the Celtics. So, my reaction is, Why and Why?

Why come out of retirement at this point? That didn't work so well for either Magic or Jordan, and he wasn't the most athletic of guys in his prime. Second, the Celtics? Really? The team with both Paul Pierce and Ray Allen? What the hell would Miller's role be on that team? Might as well sign Dale Ellis instead. You get a guy who could shoot his ass off in his prime, never won a ring (note: not sure if this is true or not and too lazy to look it up), and won't play a minute for your team.

Conclusion: Reggie Miller is dumb. Or is Danny Ainge? It's like chicken for morons.

EDIT TO ADD: Friday is a funny ass movie. What chain?

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The Sidler said...

The thought of Reggie Miller in a Celtics uniform makes me want to do two things:

Throw up in my mouth

Punch the Sports Guy in the face, a proactive measure to the Celtics articles he'll write this year

The two NBA teams I follow, the Pacers and Wolves, will be lucky to have a combined 50 wins next year.

Any room left on the TrailBlazer bandwagon?