Monday, August 13, 2007

College Hoops Net Gopher Preview

Found this, the first preview I've seen for the Gophers this upcoming season on

They are ranked #98 in the country, and #8 in the Big Ten. I think they're a little worse than #98, but it's tough to rank teams at that level. Whose to say which team is worse out of Minnesota, Cincinnati, and Wake Forest? They're all big conference teams that have had success but have fallen on hard times and aren't very good anymore.

The review is basically the same thing you'll read anywhere, the team is not very good, but with essentially the whole roster back for another year, and Tubby Smith in instead of Monson, they'll be better.

Well, they'd pretty much have to be after going 9-22 last year. I think .500 is a pretty good goal, maybe an NIT berth. The bottom of the Big Ten is not going to be very strong this season, so maybe 6th/7th in the Big Ten.

The author has a couple of inaccuracies in his review but overall not bad. Examples include saying the Gopher frontcourt has "plenty of talent" and that "Jonathan Williams, Damian Johnson, and Bryce Webster......will provide quality depth."

He also mentions that Blake Hoffarber is a lefty. I have no idea if that's true or not, but if it is that is freakin' sweet. There is nothing better than watching a left-handed jump shooter. Seriously, watch Delonte West here:

Sweet. Why Delonte West? Because I couldn't think of any left-handed shooters on the spot other than him and Ed O'Bannon, and there's a shocking lack of Ed O'Bannon highlight videos. Someone fix that.

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