Thursday, August 16, 2007

Adios and Good Luck

It's official, Bryce Webster will transfer from the University of Minnesota.

Eh. No big deal. He may have ended up developing into a decent Big Ten player, but he certainly looked overmatched last season. This now frees up an extra scholarship for Tubby to fill with one of his guys (Ralph Sampson?)

Webster continues the fine tradition Dan Monson started of recruiting players who can't hang on the D-I level and end up transferring out. At least he's known for something.

Good luck to Bryce wherever he lands. Seemed like a good kid, just not Big Ten caliber.

ALSO: Freakin' Purdue has now added one of the top JUCO transfers in the nation in PF Nemanja Calasan. I'm already sick of Purdue.

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