Monday, August 20, 2007

Walker gets Redshirt

There are few teams/players other than the Gophers that I am a fan of, and will likely get a more than average amount of coverage at Down With Goldy. Kansas State, and Bill Walker, happen to fit that category, so I was happy to see this blurb from Dick Vitale (you can imagine him yelling it at you):

• Kansas State got a positive ruling when forward Bill Walker was given a medical redshirt year after playing in just six contests last season. Walker suffered a ruptured ACL in his left knee during the January 6th game against Texas A&M. He averaged 11.3 ppg. and 4.5 rpg. in those six games for Kansas State. Because of the ruling, Walker gets to team up with Michael Beasley as freshmen this season.

So Walker can play five years now instead of four. Except, this is most likely pretty pointless because I don't see any way Walker stays four more years. I think he most likely would have gone pro after last season if he hadn't injured his knee.

That injury really sucked because I was traveling with my brother down to Iowa State the very next weekend, and we had tickets to watch the Cyclones/K-State game and then stupid Bill Walker got hurt like a little baby and we didn't get to watch him and that sucked.

But he's still awesome.

Also awesome: Edgar Sosa, Paul Harris, DJ White, Rico Tucker, Chase Budinger, Tyler Hansbrough, Mike Taylor (he got kicked off the team, but is still awesome), Sean Singletary, Derrick Caracter, CJ Anderson, everyone on Memphis.

Not awesome: Scotty Reynolds

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