Friday, August 31, 2007

Holy Crap!

9:03pm: Scott Baker is improbably, unbelievably, pitching a perfect game into the 8th inning. We are at 1 out in the 8th here, Twins lead 3-0.

9:04pm: Baker strikes out "superprospect" Alex Gordon with a nasty, nasty slider. Strikeout number 9 for Baker, all swinging.

9:04pm: Next up, some guy I've never heard of. The exact kind of guy who breaks up perfect games.

9:04pm: Nope. Lazy grounder to Morneau. Wow.

9:08pm: Cuddyer singles, his third of the game, which is pretty amazing by itself. That'll help my fantasy team.

9:09pm: Kubel off the baggie. These guys need to hurry up and get out and get Baker back out there.

9:11pm: Single for Redmond. Fake Ryan Braun can't get anybody out.

9:12pm: My mistake - he got Rondell White out. Shocking. Kubel scores from third. Obviously it was a deep fly.

9:14pm: Nick Punto just struck out looking on a curveball down the middle and didn't like the call. Seriously - when you're hitting .190 you are lucky if everything you take isn't a strike.

9:15pm: Casilla just grounded out on one pitch - thank you - and here we go.

9:16pm: Crowd on their feet. John Buck first up and Baker goes 2-0.

9:18pm: Buck walks on 5 pitches. No hitter still intact.

9:20pm: Just showed Mike Sweeney on deck. I don't care what happens with German (current batter), Sweeney makes me nervous.

9:21: Forced at second, couldn't get the double play. Sweeney up next. Baker at 101 pitches.

9:22: I knew Sweeney would do it. Dammit.

9:23: Hell of a game. Dominating until the 9th. Don't know if it was nerves, or just wearing down from the game, but he definitely doesn't have whatever he had all game here in the 9th.

9:24pm: DeJesus (spanish for "From Jesus") flys out to center. Baker can at least get his first major league shut out if he can get Grudzielanek - who, by the way, is apparently still in MLB.

9:26pm: Lineout to Bartlett. Baker finishes with the extremely rare "disappointing one-hit shutout." Great game. I have to admit, last year I was hoping we would trade him before it was too late and he had no value. He's proved me wrong tonight and this year in general. Time to trade Bonser instead.

9:30pm: Baker just informed us that he didn't get the perfect game because it was "God's Will." He also said that faith and family are more important than baseball. Sissy.

9:35pm: I'm going to drink Beer, play Madden, and watch Anchorman now.


Anonymous said...

If you play madden, get your hands
on Jay Cutler. He's amazing.

Also, you're the sissy for not coming to fish this weekend and for being in 8 fantasy football leagues this year. Get a life!

Laser said...

Are you sure it wasn't god's will that broke up the perfect game/no hitter? I am sure that god (even though everyone who can actually think for them self knows god is as real as big foot) was really concerned about a baseball game between two below average teams. If it wasn't gods will them I am guessing Baker just needs to pray harder this week because that can only help.

Also...Trade Boof Bonser...The only person in the world that would trade for that fat tub of goo is Nissan and unfortunately for the Twins, Nissan (a.k.a. Matt Millen) only GM's a terribly run fantasy football team.