Thursday, July 26, 2007

Make Some Money

Today I'll take a look at the odds to win the 2008 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, as given at, and talk about who I think is the best value. Again, best value, not the favorite.

Tennessee Volunteers, 30-1: This shouldnt' be a surprise, as I've talked about how good I think Tennessee will be on here before. With three quality, experienced guards, two very good post players, and some quality people off the bench, they are going to be a very, very good team.

Syracuse Orange, 40-1: I expect them to struggle a bit early with such a young team, although Boeheim usually has a pretty cake schedule early, but after getting used to each other they could be very dangerous. With Devendorf and Paul Harris returning, and being joined by a top recruiting class including two McD's All-Americans, the Cuse should make a nice run this season.

Louisville Cardinals, 12-1: Odds are not very much with them at 12-1, but I think they are the favorite this year, and the odds don't reflect that, so I see value. Basically the same team as last season, which I think was a Final Four caliber team, but just ran into a better Texas A & M team too early. I also have a man-crush on Rick Pitino.

Indiana Hoosiers, 25-1: DJ White is awesome,and he's back for his senior year and looking to dominate. Eric Gordon might be the best freshman in all of college basketball. Indiana also picked up a four-star center and four-star power forward to put down low with White. Gordon, AJ Ratliff, JC Signee Jamarcus Ellis, and freshman Jordan Crawford will be able to pick up the slack from graduated Earl Calloway and Roderick Wilmont. Kelvin Sampson is a very good coach. I like this Hoosier team this year.


Theory said...

Gettin' a little antsy for the college basketball season?

Anonymous said...

If gambling were legal and if we ran an account together on I would say that we should take Tennessee and Louisville. What are Memphis's odds? Pretty low I would imagine since they are probably the outright favorite

WWWWWW said...

If gambling were legal and we ran an account on sportsbook together, I would have already put down on Tennessee. Memphis is at 7-1, not worth it in my opinion.