Monday, July 2, 2007

Everyone is a Liar

Everyone hates Barry Bonds, right? Except for some fans in San Francisco. That's all you ever hear about. Bonds sucks. Bonds is a cheater. Bonds took steroids. Bonds is an asshole. Bonds doesn't deserve the record.

That's all you ever hear, from anybody. So everybody hates Barry Bonds, right?

So then how the hell was he voted a starter for the All-Star game? Starters for the MLB All-Star game are 100% voted in by fans. Not managers, not players, no media. The fans. The same fans who hate Bonds and hope he dies in a freak needle accident before he breaks Aaron's record.

Obviously, he's not nearly as hated as people like to pretend he is.

ALSO: Pat Neshek is up for the Final Man Vote on to be added to the All-Star Roster. Go Here and look for the Final Vote link to cast your ballot for Neshek.

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