Thursday, May 28, 2009

Super Sioux Fan Has Some Words For You

A Women's Hockey Update? Oh joy!

Women's hockey: Lamoureuxs hammer out details for transfer to UND

Oh yes......the most exciting thing to EVER happen in girls hockey. The Lammy twins are going back to their roots transfering back to the most beautiful city on earth, Grand Forks, ND.
Okay so I know that no one give a shit about girls hockey and I know that most of you dont give shit about regular hockey but this is the closest thing to Hockey talk that I have. And without Hockey posts and WWW's Shark Attack movie reviews....I would NEVER repeat NEVER read this blog. is true, I have to listen to Dawg argue stupid points all day every day. Yes you can feel sorry for me, no wonder I am such an angry Bitch who hates Jews.

The girls apparently SHOCKED their coach when they asked for their scholorship to be lifted. To be honest that fact that they actually would stab their family in the back and go to Minnesota should have been the real shocker but why am I not surprised.
They will not be eligible to play next season but they will more then likely playing in the 2010 Olympics. Honestly I know these girls.....well I knew these girls. We used to throw shot put, discus and Javelin on a throwing team in GF and they used to wear personally I have always thought they sucked. Then when they signed with Minnesota I knew they sucked. But now I must say they suck much less. I would imagine being the 3rd and 4th top players in the game and only being freshman that UND has pretty much got it in the bag for quite a few seasons to come offically making it Hockey Town, USA.

Ps. I only posted this because Snacks told me it would be awesome and that he looked forward to it during a facebook chat yesterday. Yes, I facebook chat at work. My job sucks more dick then The Todd. He also confirmed that El Todd is scared shitless of me. Todd you have never been more smart.
Also Mrs. Snacks is STILL not a lesbian and STILL not into "baby's mama's"........suck

Suck dick Bitches.

Siouxper Sioux Fan

Thanks again Mama Dawger, you are always entertaining. Although it makes me very nervous and concerned that you and Snacks are chatting away on facebook. Watch your back Mrs. Snacks.


SSF said...

I am only using Snacks to get at Mrs. Snacks.......

snacks said...

For the record, I never said you should post on this and that it would be awesome. You told me to write about it and I said no, hockey sucks and especially women's hockey so why don't you do it instead.

UND could blitzkrieg dinkytown and kidnap the entire U of M hockey team, fly them back to GF in their swastika-emblazoned helicopters, and put them in a new world concentration camp and I couldn't care less.

SFF said...

Snacks....your were supposed to take the fall for this horse shit post. Thanks for ruining it for me. God damn it.

snacks said...

we never made that agreement. I could take the fall for a lot of things, but not for a women's hockey post, just can't do it.

The Todd said...

I'll suck yours. Maybe give me a strawberry shortcake?

Anonymous said...

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extenze said...

Yeah surfing is a death trap, man.

P.S. I like that you read Twilight! Holla!