Friday, May 8, 2009

Delmon left his power in Montgomery

This ended up being more depressing than I expected...

Here are some stats for one current and five former Twins--the stats are only for the time they spent with Minnesota. Guess the correct player for each stat line:

The players: Delmon Young, Luis Rivas, Doug Mientkiewicz, Cristian Guzman, Jason Tyner, and Jacque Jones.

Yes, I'm biased against Delmon, he's one of my least favorite players on the team...and I get that he's still young and has time to develop. But damn, this isn't exactly an awesome list of players and his numbers are mediocre compared to this mediocre-or-worse group.

I'm sure everyone is just dying to find out if Delmon's isolated power is actually worse than Guzie or Rivas, so the answers will be in the comments Friday afternoon.


WWWWWW said...

I find it really uplifting that delmon's stats are basically indistinguishable from those other clowns.

amr said...

Here are my guesses...
A (no power) has to be Tyner.
E (most power) should be Jacque.
Lowest AVG and OBP (C) would be Rivas

M11 nearly won the batting title one year, so I'll give him D.
That leaves B (.275/.367/.408) and F (.262/.307/.383). No way Del walks as much as B, so Del is F and B is Guzie.

ubelmann said...

The only one of those guys who was worth a damn at getting on base was Mientkiewicz, so I'll go with Dougie Baseball at B. (Which is also definitely the most valuable line posted up there.)

Jacque was pretty good at hitting for average and had some pop, so I'll put him at E (like AMR.) Likewise, I agree with AMR's reasoning on Tyner at A; I don't remember him striking out much, either.

Delmon strikes out a ton, so he must be D.

That leaves Rivas and Guzy at C and F, and those are nearly identical lines. Rivas was probably slightly worse, so I'll say he's C.


The Sidler said...

A Tyner
B Mientkiewicz
C Guzman
D Delmon
E Jacque
F Rivas

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