Monday, May 4, 2009

I've seen this before...

I realize this is piling on at this point, but Alexi Casilla hitting second every night is driving me crazy. And frankly, something needs to distract me from a pathetic fantasy baseball is never good to add Russell Branyan and David Aardsma in the same night, but at least I also added Span.

The problem is, this Casilla thing is all-too familiar.

Here are a some batting avg. / on-base % / SLG splits:

.234 / .260 / .362
.221 / .321 / .253
.174 / .207 / .217

Those are Casilla's Aug 08, Sept 08, and Apr 09 stat lines.

Here's one more:

.210 / .291 / .271

That's Nick Punto's 2007 stat line; the one where Gardy drove Twins fans crazy by keeping Punto entrenched in the 2-spot for most of the season. Punto's April 07 was actually quite a bit better than the one Casilla just finished, sadly.

I get that Gardy wants to let him work through his slump--that strategy seems to be working out well with Cuddyer, who's suddenly hitting again--but let Casilla do it at the bottom of the lineup.

Sweet victory tonight for the Twins; Liriano was locked in, Span was awesome again, Cuddyer maintained his recent form, and the bullpen didn't pour a bunch of gas on the mound and start a fire. Almost everything was awesome except for Mauer, who sucked. I'm sure the Star Trib commenters are foaming at the mouth demanding he be moved to 3B or 2B so we can get Morales back.

Even Casilla got a hit and two RBI, but he also had the worst Twins play of the game when he didn't run out a bunt attempt, which led to a double play. That could be the play that lands him on the bench.


WWWWWW said...

It kills me to say this, but wouldn't Punto be a good #2 hitter right now, assuming they refuse to move Mauer there?

The Sidler said...

Assuming you have to put a RH/switch hitter there, I guess there are a couple better options than Casilla/Punto:

Brendan Harris (if he's playing)

Delmon Young (why not, he's a no-power singles hitter, that's the Twins #2 mold)

If Cuddyer's recent form isn't a mirage, then I say move Mauer to #2, put Cuddy #3, and leave Morneau/Kubel at 4/5.

i hate cuddyer guy said...

Cuddyer in the 3 hole? Are you high?

The Sidler said...

Look, I'm not a huge fan of it but you have to break up the LH bats at the top of the order somehow. I'd rather do it with Cuddy in the 3-hole between Mauer and Morneau than with Casilla between Span and Mauer.

Don't look now, but Cuddyer's recovered to have the best right-handed OPS on the team.

His .795 looks incredible when you compare it to Crede (.715) and Delmon (.632).

FSN's coverage usually drives me crazy, but Smalley did a good job of breaking down the physical changes Cuddyer's made at the plate since he started hitting. I'm hoping the turnaround isn't a mirage.

i hate cuddyer guy said...

fyi - it is a mirage. cuddy sucks.

Dawg said...

I hate cuddy guy aka Delmon Young.

You suck and will never get to play, its pathetic that you bounce around various blogs trying to trash a quality ball player like Cuddy. He isn't hall of famer good even though his career numbers are idential to Cal Ripken Jr. but he is a good ball player.

Cuddy is the greatest short stop turned 2nd baseman, turned 3rd baseman turned right fielder and magician in Twins history.

Anonymous said...


catapult said...

So does everyone think the Vikes should sign Favre or stay away?

WWWWWW said...

Post coming on this tonight.

Anonymous said...

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