Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Night Things

Sitting around on a Monday night and realizing I feel really weird that I didn't do the Monday morning weekend review (those will be back in the fall). Instead, here's some random stuff.

- Very cool list of the 25 best stories of "Rickey being Rickey" sent to me by Snacks today. God I love that guy. Guy invented "Manny being Manny", and rocked that shtick so much harder that it actively pisses me off when people even use the phrase "Manny being Manny." An MVP award and two other top three placements, career leader in runs scored and steals, second in walks (he walked more than Babe Ruth for christ's sake) and with a career on-base-percentage of .401, along with being a complete nutcase and yet also loving baseball enough to play his last two major league seasons for a combined total of just $650,000 and then continuing his career in the independent Atlantic League for peanuts, just to keep playing ball. How can't you love this dude? I guess if you're some kind of queer.

- I'm sure you're wondering how the Aitkin Meat Raffle went this weekend. I'll tell you. It sucked. We won a couple of steaks, a pound of shrimp, a whole chicken, and some ribs, but considering it was me, Snacks, Mrs. Snacks, Dr. Acula, Argyle Sweater, and D. Driver, it was a pretty sorry haul. The upside is that all of us (save D. Driver) got pretty drunk and I discovered the wonder that is Jeremiah Weed's Sweet Tea Vodka. I'm telling you, go pick up some of this right now - and then clear a whole day to recover, because it's just like scotch & splenda: get's you drunk like scotch but tastes like heaven. Highly recommended.

- My god is Zack Greinke ridiculous. Another quality outing, with quality being not nearly a strong enough term, going 9 innings for his second freaking shutout (would be three but for an unearned run), giving up 6 hits and striking out nine, all while managing to walk no one. Right now I'm enjoying every minute of it and loving the Royals being in first place (along with the Mariners, Marlins, and Blue Jays - WTF?), but it's already getting a bit out of hand with the "Greinke Overcomes Social Anxiety" stories - so much so that I'm considering hating him. Putting "Greinke Overcomes" into Google already returns 11,600 hits and it's only going to get worse. So Zack, I will love you for your unhittability, and for how wrong I was about you, and our affair will last until probably you start the all-star game. I figure that's about when the media coverage will make me hate you worse than I hate Maxwell Nerdstrom.

- FYI - It costs $50 to even apply for a job in minor-league baseball. G-ay.

- Nice Twins win tonight by the way, mainly because we finally got to see Liriano pitch the way we know he can (7.1 ip, 4 hits, 3 walks, 2 runs) and get his first win. Most importantly, he struck out nine while pitching into the 8th. When Liriano pitches well, he strikes people out. That was his thing back in the day before he had a tendon from his leg inserted into his arm, and it's something he's had some trouble recapturing. Tonight was either a great sign that he might be getting closer to all the way back, or a blip on the radar of teasingness, but it was enjoyable either way.

- Do you know what's embarrassing? Today is National Star Wars day. I'm not making it up. Because it's May 4th. As in, "May the Fourth be with you." Seriously. I'm as big a Star Wars fan as there is. I know the name of Darth Vader's Star Destroyer and the Admiral who commanded it. I can name the members of Jabba the Hutt's band. I know Chewbacca's home planet's name. I know the difference between Wedge and Biggs, and both of their last name's. I'll even defend the prequel trilogy (though not Jar Jar). So when I think something is embarrassing for Star Wars' fans, it's pretty damned embarrassing. And this certainly qualifies. A bad pun. It's almost like George Lucas wrote up this "holiday" himself.

- Ryan Reynolds and I were born just 18 days apart. Let's call that FYI number 2.

- As I feared, the Celtics came out with a less than inspired effort after expending a ridiculous amount of effort to beat the Bulls, losing 95-90 to the Magic while shooting a Stephen Curry-like 38.5% for the game, with my boyfriend Ray Allen going 2-12 and Rondo shooting the same. Pauly Pierce tried to bring them back in the second half, turning an 18 point deficit into as little as three, but it was not meant to be and the Magic have stolen home court advantage. There's really no way they can do it again. The Celts are too old, too thin, and have too little KG to battle back again like they did against Chicago. I don't want Cleveland to win the whole thing, and I really don't want the Lake Show to win, so I have no idea who to root for. I guess I'll go Cleveland. Yippee.

- I can't believe Rebecca Jordan is a lesbian. (Wow. Be very careful googling that. And it's not even the right name. I'll just give you a picture and tell you I'm talking about a character on the kickass show Greek, named Rebecca Logan, played by the weirdly and foreignly named Dilshad Vadsaria.

- I strongly dislike Kobe Bryant. To Emmitt Smith levels. Did I ever tell you about how me, Snacks, and Bear burned a bunch of Emmitt smith cards in an Emmitt Smith cup from McDonalds? That was awesome.

- Finally, I'd just like to rank the Presidents of the United States, in order of how dirty their names sound:
1. Johnson
2. Bush
3. Harding
4. Polk
5. Filmore
6. Pierce
7. LBJ
8. Hoover
9. Bush
10. Clinton


Dharma Bum said...

I had to watch How I met your brother because my roommate is lame. What's your excuse. That said, I do love pie charts of my favorite bars and bar graphs of my favorite pies.

WWWWWW said...

That's just a summary of how awesome that show is.

Third best show on TV (Lost, Scrubs).

klinger said...

Hey W...

If you loved Marshall's bit w/ graphs, check out this website.


catapult said...

You put the Office behind Scrubs? You are an idiot.

snacks said...

Why don't you want Cleveland to win? I didn't want to, but I find it hard not to like, or at least respect, LeBron. He's unbelievably talented, and by all accounts he's actually a great teammate who people love playing with a pretty cool guy. (Read: the anti-Kobe Bryant.)

WWWWWW said...

I probably should have included the Office in there, you're right.

And I don't want Cleveland to win because LeBron already gets too much hype. But like I said, I'd way rather have them win than the Lakers.

Bear said...

Welcome to the Rickey Henderson party. You're only 25 years too late. Did you and Snacks finally realize that Rock Raines and Firecracker Coleman weren't where the party was at.

WWWWWW said...

You definitely had the Rickey love first, but don't talk bad about Raines - he was a poor man's Rickey, which is no insult.

Coleman, on the other hand, was basically Carlos Gomez on a better team.

Anonymous said...

also gay

AJ said...


WWWWWW said...

I got it up in Aitkin, but I know my brother bought it in Minneapolis. He's in Vegas this weekend so I doubt he'll be checking in, but maybe he can let you know when he gets back.

klinger said...

If you make it over to St. Paul side of town, you can get it at what used to be Matty B's (now called American Burger Bar) on Wabasha and 5th.

Anonymous said...

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