Friday, January 9, 2009

Plunger may be needed. Sioux are a huge turd.

After washing out my own mouth with soup as a result of the previous post, I figured that one needed to move down the line.

Let me some up the Fighting Sioux's season for you by highlighting a few points.

1. Open season against Boston University and get killed 1-5.
2. Proceed to get owned by lowly Minnesotat State Mankato and give up a natural hat trick in the process.
3. Lose the series to Duluth.
4. Inexplicably lose to Cornel the night after posting a 7-3 win.
5. Get swept in a holiday invitational.

Next steps:
1. Place season directly into toilet.
2. Flush.

3. Get swept by the Gophers at home.

First of all, could UND be any more blatently racist? You tell me. This weekend's series up in Grand Forks is a scheduled "White out". You don't exactly have to read between the lines, that is if Sioux fans could read for starters. Was it necessary to schedule that? I thought that was a taboo thing up there that didn't need mentioning every weekend but whatever.

I fully expect that both of this weekends games will be close. There will be plenty of passionate play from the Gophers this weekend. Other than the simple fact that the Gophers love to make the Sioux their bitch a few times a year I think there a couple of other story lines.

First off is the mystery illness of coach Don Lucia. He will be sidelined as a result and assistant coach John Hill will run things from the bench. I can't imagine that there are any players on this Gopher team that feel like letting down their coach down while he is out. No one knows if the guy has twenty days or twenty years to live. The fact that he is out says that it must be something fairly major.

This weekends matchup will be extremely chippy right from the first face-off. I expect plenty of physical play and a ton of penalty minutes. Let's face it. This is biggest rivalry in college hockey, period. These two teams have faced off against each other more than any other matchup in the history of college hockey. The Gophers have had a more effective power play and penalty kill than the Sioux have thus far through the season.

Our defensemen sometimes get a bit too offensive minded on the power play as well as 5 on 5 so it will be key that they stay tight on the blue line and not let anyone in behind them. Other than that our defense should be complete shut-down.

Things are looking up on the offensive side of things. We will be getting a few of our goal scorers back this weekend from injury and from the world junior champships. This includes frosh stud Jordan Schroeder who had good numbers in that tournament. I see him picking up his play for the gophers after gaining some extra confidence in his game while abroad.

Gophers sweep. Dave Hakstol puts his middle finger where it belongs, most likely Super Sioux fan's butt. Sioux fans, feel free to shut dirty whorish mouths.


WWWWWW said...

Actual hockey talk instead of crazy, semi-lucid rambling? That's unpossible!

Anonymous said...

Good thing you got the name of the city wrong.....fucking moron.

Optimator said...

Sorry, it was written quite hastily.

.V.. said...

Coherent hockey posts suck!

Anonymous said...

This is just a really bad version of Snakes post.
Can you say copy, paste, add some random butt play comment, copy and paste.

The Todd said...

Good thing you're the most unoriginal sucker at life that's ever visited this blog. Does it really matter? Fargo, Grand Forks, Bismark, Super Sioux Fan's cream-pied ass...they're all the same: a baron wasteland full of seed.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I thought the butt play comment was rather poignant. No pun intended.

snacks said...

Wow. Improvements all around. I actually thought this was one of Snake's posts until I noticed in the comments that optimator wrote it. And, believe it or not, that's a compliment. Of course, now that I think of it, it was too grammatically correct and punctuation was too good to be Snake's. I would say his writing is better than Mama Dawger's but worse than, say, an average fifth grader.

Anonymous said...

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