Friday, January 9, 2009

Gophers vs Sioux Live Blog

7:22- 10 minutes until the game starts. Amazon girl showed up 30 minutes ago. Yes, she is sober.

7:25- Moma dawger is talking about cutting Todd’s throat. W is safe for a now.

7:27- Gorg needs his ass kicked. I might send moma dawger to the FSN studios to kill him on her way to kill todd.

7:33- Just found out Great grandma Moma dawger favorite player is finley. Do I need to say anything else.

7:39- RJ Anderson is the Travis Busch of the hockey team.

7:46- Hakstol tries way to hard to look tough and series. Twat!

7:47- Lil Lil Snake keeps kicking Lil snake in the nuts

7:48-Lil Snake just told Dawg that he has crabs in his pants. Fing Classic.

7:51- Kangas walking on water. Sioux couldn’t score with Moma dawger right now.

7:53- I just had to correct a spelling error of Snake’s.....honest to God.

7:55-FIGHT, FIGHT,FIGHT.....Duncan sucks more cock then The Todd on a Friday night.

7:56- Jay Barriball Sucks- Straight from Snakes mouth

7:56- I just convinced Lil Snake that having a name on the back of your jersey is cool. Haha sucker

8:02- Dawg is pissed that he is stuck taking care of Baby Dawger

8:08- Did anyone else notice the Hextall curl up like a girl when flynn started a scrum? I can smell his rotten pussy from her. What a bitch!

8:10- Moma dawger just put Dawger in his place. Dawger is on kid duty tonight. Moma gets to watch the game. Classic!

8:11- Nice penalty to end the period, fucking idiots. How bad are the Gophers.

8:26- You have to be fucking kidding me. SH Goal? W, the amazon is hooting in my house. You owe me big for this live blog shit.

8:28- It is obvious baby dawger hates UND so I have that going for me.

8:29- It’s a good thing Frazee isn’t playing today.

8:30- Get some, get some........WOOOOOOOO bitches. I have always been a big fan of the Sioux #19!!!

8:31-I don’t know what baby dawger hates more; The Gophers or Snake.

8:33- SIOUX SCORE............SIOUX SCORE.......Suck it boys.

8:33- Snake says Ness needs to be taken out of the game. NOW.

8:36- Moma dawger just cursed her team. 10 seconds later Stoa scores. Dawger thinks he just saw Dubay in the crowd. You think he’s doing coke, crack or meth?

8:39- The ref’s are rigging this game. Plus RJ Anderson needs to leave the arena with Ness.

8:40- No they aren’t.....your such a Gopher fan

8:41-OH MY GOD.......Greatest Day EVER......I bet Lucia is LOVING this.

8:41- More hooting. It is worse than the guy who sits next to you at the basketball games.

8:41- I am guessing Todd is going to his parents (upstairs) to get more beer and pick up his laundry.

8:42- I got Lil Lil Snake chanting Sioux,Sioux,Sioux.....haha So is baby dawger who cant even talk yet.

8:43- 3-1 Sioux- Who’s the Turd now???????? Homo

8:49-WOOOO Jesus is being crucified all over again. God help us

8:58- Snake has suddenly gotten VERY quiet and I have gotten VERY loud. Shocking

9:00- God I cant wait for Hakstol to put his finger up my ass tonight....right where it belongs.

9:03- It is hell having moma dawger in your house.

9:06- Snake just made a new rule- your not allowed to wear the gay gopher hat beyond the age of 10. Let’s just say we have seen many.

9:10- So is this how the Gophers make the Sioux their bitch? Just curious....

9:11- Doug Woog is a Pimp

9:11- So that gay ass gopher women’s basketball commercial came on and Snake started swearing and said that he wants to shoot that big fat #20 in the face. I agree

9:24- Stoa and Kangas should just play 2 v 5 tomorrow night. 2-4.

9:25- Power play.....I smell a Sioux melt down! Either that or its moma sioux BO soaked sioux jersey. Seriously, her jersey stinks like dawgers sack.

9:27- Our fucking d-man suck fucking ass! Fuck the gophers and John Hill. I hope he gets Lucia’s illness times 10!

9:28- I haven’t seen dawger in 20 minutes? I think he is watching House Hunters with Mrs. Snake upstairs. Fag!

9:31- That is all Patricia White. W, more hooting!

9:32- I want to go watch house hunter with dawger and Mrs. Snake but I will have to listen to Moma dawger call me a sell out.

9:33- Kangas just got crucified. If I am Kangas I am going pro tomorrow. Okposo was smart to leave when he did.

9:34- W, Now she is doing chants in my house. You better bring your credit card to Chi-town.

9:36- Moma dawger is trying to get my kids to chant Sioux. The youngest just stink eyed her. I think he wanted to call her a retard but doesn’t know the word yet.

9:37- John Hill should go back to AA.

9:38- play 3 on 5 tomorrow. Schroeder can play also. If the Gophers come back I will eat Todd’s ass live on this blog and sell my soul to the devil.

9:41- Live blogging is great when your team sucks. Just for the record Super fan has been texting friends about god knows what for the last 15 minutes. She cares about the sioux as much as I care about the t-wolves.

9:43- Has Ryan Flynn ever scored a goal.

9:44- Ness’s dad played 9 games in 4 years at UND. Maybe there is hope my kid can be a Div 1 athlete.

9:47- 3 minutes until I can finally have some sanity back in my life. 20 minutes and counting since super fan watched the game. She still thinks its 5-3.

9:49- Fight breaks out and Finley grabs Barriball. Then Finley just plays tickle dick. Biggest tit of all time. Now Finley barks at Stoa on way to box but doesn’t do anything. Double tit.

I bought dawger a sixer of 16 oz bud light cans and it was like I gave him a million dollars.

9:54- Tell me you saw the lifer jawing with the gopher players in the penalty box. His fat ass couldn’t get out of his chair if Fairchild wanted to fight him.

9:55- Imagine that. Kozek after the whistle. I am on record for the second year in a row wishing his neck gets snapped in tomorrow nights game. No I don’t feel bad about saying that.

9:57- Game over. Gophers suck. Todd, Moma dawger is on her way over.

10:00- Snacks, hopefully the spelling is up to your standards....nerd!

after game- well since Snake pretty much gave up on the game he took over because my team was actually worth watch I let him do it.

My texting was from all the hockey fans that know me well and how exciting this was. Also EPIC guy was really into the play by plays.

Well I am pretty sure I dont need to say anything sarcastic to rub it in. It is painful I know. I mean I dont really know because my team never does that to me and we never loose to you. Even though some RANDOM(optimator) seems to think they they do. I would love to see those make believe stats.

So SUCK it all of you.

Also Dawg just seriously lost to Lil Snake making him Officially the worst video game player EVER. Bogart has to feel good about that.

So W you my be alright because I may already be in jail for murder by the time I get to you.



WWWWWW said...

God this is pretty much a dream come true, Snake and Mama Dawger together at last.

I actually watched the first quarter and came to three conclusions:

1. Hockey is gay
2. This Gopher squad is garbage
3. Kangas really IS god

Except I just flipped back over and it was 1-0 and then the Sue scored again. So maybe Frazee is playing tonight and I didn't know it?

WWWWWW said...

P.S. Mama W just looked at the picture of Mama Dawger and said, "Please don't piss her off anymore."

WWWWWW said...

This Kangas guy sucks. Eidmann or whatever is way better. You'll notice I spelled that dudes name with two n's because that's how a german would spell it, and I assume they're all Nazis up there.

WWWWWW said...

It is not particularly hard to imagine you being loud and obnoxious.

WWWWWW said...

You're supposed to get a shot on goal when you're on a power play, right? I know I don't really "get" hockey, but this seems pretty obvious.

Snake said...

It was like Nolen was running the PP.

Snake said...

Just for the record Jr. Snake just beat dawger in Mario Cart for a 2nd time. WORST VIDEO GAME PLAYER EVER!

Anonymous said...

WWWWW, I currently hate you for the remainder of the evening and hope your gay cat scratches your eyes out in your sleep.

The Todd said...

That was the most delicious humble pie I've ever had. Jesus, what a bunch of suck. My only disappointment is not getting my salad tossed by Snake live on the blog.

siouxfan said...

this was the best series ever, fuck you all

WWWWWW said...

You're a loser, loser.

FCC said...

Sioux Fan- I know you are use to living in Nodak and the Ghetto, but tone down the F-bombs. WWWWWW's kid reads this blog.

siouxper sioux fan said...

WOW this weekend really shut you guys up. I am sure it is hard to sound like a complete sports retards.

Optimator said...

Those are quite possibly the two worst Gopher hockey games I've ever watched. I actually felt embarrassed while watching those two games.

Two things I learned from these games. The Gopher offense plays too much suck-hole and needs to generate about twice as many shots on net. The defensive continues to sit back on their heels and get schooled. They gave up way too many odd man rushes and let guys walk into the slot for scoring chances. I'm thinking a reluctant SiouxFan could have done a better job, mostly because she would have been all over Sioux players nuts. That would make things a bit difficult.

Anonymous said...

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