Sunday, January 18, 2009

Completely Disgusting

Absolutely embarrassing. You can't lose that game after the big win at Wisconsin, you just can't. Everything about that Wisconsin game is now completely erased, and may as well not have even happened. Huge road win? Doesn't matter. 4-1 in the conference? Who cares? Statement game? Countered with another statement, this time a loss. Momentum and confidence? Gone.

Once again who knows where this team is headed. It's hard to take them seriously again after this loss. You just can't lose at Northwestern if you're a good team, and especially not by ten or so, and not by getting completely wiped out in the second half.

Everything about this game screamed Dan Monson is back (he's not, is he?). Poor second half shooting. One dimensional weiner Craig Moore going off for 22 points. Inability to figure out that stupidly passive Northwestern 1-3-1, resulting in an over-reliance on three pointers (over 50% of FGAs were from three) and forgetting about getting the ball inside (Sampson/Iverson combined 5 shot attempts including a low-shot clock heave from three by Ralph). Inability to make free throws (5-11). Stupid turnovers (total of 19). Getting outrebounded by an inferior team (well, almost. 26-25 Minnesota, against a team that was getting outrebounded by an average of 17 in Big Ten games). Giving up easy shots. Everything about this game felt like a Dan Monson team.

I just don't understand why Minnesota teams can never figure out Northwestern's zone. I thought they kind of figured it out with Tubby last year, but, like the momentum from the Wisconsin win, it pretty much disappeared.