Friday, January 2, 2009

Gophers vs. Ohio State

Here's your preview:

The Gophers have no answer for Evan Turner. BJ Mullens and Dallas Lauderdale show Iverson and Sampson what a real Twin Towers attack is supposed to be, and when Travis Busch comes in Lauderdale dunks over him so hard he actually dies. Jeremie Simmons does a Kalin Lucas impression, and with no clue how to stop all these people the Gopher defense gets confused a bunch of times leaving Jon Diebler open shot after open shot, which he of course knocks down. Even though Anthony Crater has left the team and opted to transfer, he still manages to score six straight points when Shamala comes in and is inexplicably matched up with him. The Buckeye defense confuses and stifles the Gophers, who shoot less than 30% for the game, even after Tubby plays a few students from the student section in an effort to keep the whole squad "extra fresh." With the Buckeyes up up 40 with five minutes left, the Gophers reluctantly go to the press and end up outscoring OSU by twenty to cut the final margin to 77-57.


Dawg said...

I'm glad you went overly negative to offset your PA like lovefest you had with them a few days ago.

After watching all of the Iowa/OSU game I think the gophers will win this game by a small margin, probably 4. Lauderdale and Mullens couldn't do anything against Iowa, who's only guy over 6-5 was in foul trouble the majority of the game. Maybe they didn't need to since Diebler was unstoppable (except from the charity stripe). Evan Turner was his own worst enemy that game by missing tons of short range wide open looks. Lets hope for the same tomorrow.

Nolen should feast this game by driving into the zone and kicking out to open guys. Iowa hit like 20 3's against that zone. With that said Hoff should have a big day from beyond the arc and expect JAS and Bostick to play a lot of minutes. Hopefully we can call this game Bostick's coming out party. Coming out party as in havng a big game not as in The Todd finally telling his parents that he's into balls and weiners. I'm predicting JAS will see double figure points tomorrow.

Go Gophers.

Dharma Bum said...

That picture sucks. She's sitting on a football. This is a post about basketball. Get a clue, jerk.

The Todd said...

I like the pic. Raven Riley is an A-list porn star albeit with small but perky tits.

I'mmmmmmm coming out so you better get this party started.

If anyone is in Blaine, feel free to drop off a case of beer for me, it's too cold to go to the liquor store. I'll pay you double for your trouble. That or an HJ.

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