Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Review


1. Tubby Smith. As reported below, Tubby signed Rodney Williams over the weekend, adding to an already impressive class that includes Royce White and Justin Cobbs. A top 20 player, a top 100 player, and an unknown in Cobbs. He's only ranked two stars by scout and three by rivals, and doesn't even make the positional rankings. ESPN ranks him as the #49 point guard in the country. To be honest, if this sounds like a Monson kind of recruit - but I'm not worried. I have no problem giving Tubby the benefit of the doubt here, and trust that he sees something that maybe nobody else does.

2. CC Sabathia. Pitching his third straight start for the Breweres on three days rest, he tossed a four-hit shutout against the Cubs to get the Brewers into the playoffs for the first time since 1982. Sabathia finished at 11-2 with the Brewers with an ERA of 1.65 and WHIP of 1.00, validating the Brewers front office and their one year rental of him.

3. Scott Baker. Overshadowed by Sabathia is Scott Baker's performance, which has no convinced me that yes, he is an excellent big game pitcher. Hopefully we get to see him pitch again this year.

4. Camilo Villegas. Not bad, taking the last two tournaments of the FedEx Cup playoffs, finishing in second place to Vijay Singh and cashing $3 million to go along with another $1.26 for winning the tour championship. If it weren't for a missed cut at the Barclay's, Villegas would be taking home the 10 mil after finishing 3rd, 1st, 1st to close out the year.

5. Me. Well, more accurately me, Theory, Dr. Acula, LunnDale, and Pee Wee. Since Mrs. and Baby W are out of town, we all headed up to Aitkin to spend a weekend at my parents cabin. At the Meat Raffle Saturday we were all-stars, winning nine times and bringing home a haul of six NY strips, six Ribeyes, 3 lbs. of bacon, a huge package of hot dogs, two big packages of chicken. That's some good eatin'.


1. The AL Central. I mean, come on guys, somebody wants to go the playoffs, no? I'm scared if they get to the playoff, so I'm really hoping Detroit somehow manages to knock of the Sox today (in a game I might be live blogging since I'm working from home today). I just don't like Blackburn going out and pitching at Comiskey (whatever). Go Tigers!

2. Gopher Football. Losing 34-21 at Columbus is nothing to be ashamed of if the game was competitive. But it wasn't. Two garbage touchdowns in the fourth quarter make the score look better than it was. They covered the spread, so it's not a complete disaster, but any fans who managed to talk themselves into thinking this team was special in any way had a rude awakening. Or are delusional.

3. USC Football. Speaking of disasters, the Trojans managed to throw up all over themselves, losing at Oregon State for the second straight time. With the number 1 ranking and a craptacular Pac 10 even worse than the Big 10, USC had the red carpet rolled out all the way to the championship game. Oops.

4. Survivor League Football. Massive carnage in survivor leagues this week, as both Denver and Dallas went down - the two most popular picks of the week.

5. NY Mets. Another year, another collapse, another no playoff result.


Seeking Answers said...

I have a couple questions that may spark some debate. First, I have read alot about wearing jerseys with your own name stitched into them, obviously not cool, is it actually ok to wear just a regular jersey with a current or former(not currently playing anywhere else and hasnt played for like 10 years? If this is a yes then the second question is when does the time expire on how long you can wear said jersey, end of the game, end of the day, sundown or not until you get up the next morning? Personally I would like to beat down anyone wearing any type of jersey outside the confinds of their own home or stadium, please tell me I am right or help me understand where I am wrong. thanks

lee said...

USC actually lost on Thursday so they should not be on the "Who Sucked" this weekend review. Please replace them with a new item that actually happened over the weekend. Thank you.

WWWWWW said...

I will define "weekend" how every I see fit. Thank you.

As far as jerseys go, just don't ever wear one and you'll be fine. And before the jackasses get in here, yes I own a Tomlinson jersey and did wear it in public twice. I consider myself reformed. It's quite liberating.

Roseville PD said...

The only reason you don't have the LT jersey is because the police where looking for a "slightly" overweight, balding, white guy running from his car. You ditched the jersey to shake the fuzz, liar!

Anonymous said...

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