Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gophers and Rodney Williams

- First off, Rodney Williams will take a visit to the U of M on September 19th. Despite Williams drop in's Top 150 from #28 to #95, he's still a high priority for Tubby and the team. Thanks to the work done by the Twin Cities Hoops Czar, we know that, at least according to Rivals, Rodney is crazy mad athletic, but doesn't quite seem to be progressing the way they would like him too. I'm not too worried about it. Despite the drop and Tubby's success last season, the Gophers are nowhere near a place where they can afford to turn away a top 100 player, short of murder. And even then I'd be ok with it.

- Oh, and Williams chopped his list of potential schools to just Minnesota and Santa Clara. I don't really get it either. One thing that makes me a bit nervous is that Rodney is very seriously considering the Broncos it would appear. He's visiting Santa Clara the weekend after his Minnesota visit, and the scary thing is he's heading out there with fellow Minnesota High School standout Raymond Cowels - who has already committed to the Broncos. If Tubby doesn't lock him up after his visit, and he goes out there with a friend who has already committed, it's going to be very tempting for them to decide to go their together. Be very nervous.

- The big Gopher football game today has the bloggers on edge. Neither The Gopher Football Blog nor Buck Bravo are brave enough to give a prediction, but both sound very nervous for the game, which is on ESPN U for some damn reason. Meanwhile, over at the Daily Gopher, Gopher Nation is seriously delusional, predicting a Gopher victory, while PJS is more intelligent, seeing a seven point Bowling Green victory. They're all wrong. Bowling Green 49, Minnesota 28.

- This is what drives me crazy about the Twins. It's the bottom of the sixth, they're up 2-1 and load up the bases with nobody out, thanks partially to two Verlander walks as he's seemed to start losing control. Next two guys up are Punto and Gomez, and they both swing at the very first pitch. That's stupid. Of course, Gomez ripped a double to score two, but it's still stupid.

- Lastly, the more I hear about Eric Bledsoe, the more I want him. Here's a blurb from Scout's Dave Telep:
"It’s interesting to note that against the best competition he seems to raise his game. Translation: his best basketball is ahead of him in college. That confident edge that you want PGs to have was there this weekend."