Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rodney a gopher?

Nadine Babu from had a great interview with Rodney Williams Jr. yesterday at the Gopher football game.

She doesn't beat around the bush when talking to Rodney. She asks him point blank if the gophers are his front runner, if we can expect to see him in Maroon and Gold next year, is MN the best fit for his game, Who else is he considering, etc. He basically gave a verbal to Nadine yesterday. Unfortunately I don't think she is authorized to accept verbal commitments but it's promising none the less.

As I stated earlier it appears that Rodney is cashing in on a free trip to California with his visit to Santa Clara. I stand by my 0% chance of him signing with Santa Clara. Don't let Debbie WWW Donwner shake your confidence that Rodney will in fact be a gopher.

WWWW what are your thoughts on 13 going on 30? I think that belongs on your short list of good chick flicks.