Friday, September 26, 2008

omg omg omg

Wow. Simply wow. All the cynicism/pessimism/realism or whatever you want to call it is completely gone right now. Being at that game was AWESOME. I can't recall the last time I was that fired up. A complete and thorough domination in that series, with the exception of one single inning that pretty much wanted to make kill myself and/or rush the field and light everyone on fire. But we're not talking about that. It was simply awesome.

I was there with my friend from Brazil, and he had never been to a baseball game before and what an introduction. I've never seen him so fired up about anything. He went to school at Michigan State, so his reaction after the game was to try to set a car on fire. I had to put a stop to that, as much as I would have enjoyed it. Just awesome.

I don't really understand how the world's worst bullpen can go into complete shut down mode for two games, but whatever man, I don't care - just awesome. I personally would have gone with Bonser for another inning, but again, I don't care. Gardy is a genius. Carlos Gomez is an excellent hitter. The Metrodome is a wonderful ballpark. Nick Swisher totally swung at that ball. The Gophers are going to beat the Buckeyes. People with Twins' jerseys with their own names on the back are not idiots.


The Todd said...

Chalk up another bad decision made by myself. Good thing I decided to NOT go to the game with you. IDIOT! AND, I don't have cable at the moment so I was left getting Snacks' negative texts:

"...but it is 6-1 sox and I'm giving up."

As mentioned by The Sidler below, if you haven't heard Gomez's interview after the game, find it. It's priceless! I didn't understand more than 4 words.

Anonymous said...

seriously I caught something about 'going to the plan' and being 'very excited'.....that is about it.

Anonymous said...

I mean going to the 'plate'

bogart said...

Whats that I smell? Oh yeah, its the White Sox shitting the bed. Summer of Stun, Matt ... Summer of Stun!

snacks said...

People with their own names on the back of Twins jerseys are still idiots - never forget that.

That was an awesome game to be at in person. I loved how after every routine out by Nathan in the ninth and tenth the crowd acted like the Twins had just won the World Series. I also enjoyed the absolute pandemonium in the streets after - with all of the random strangers high fiving each other, people just random yelling, and everyone honking their horns. Good times.

WWWWWW said...

Now that I've calmed down a bit after last night, let me just say that was completely and totally awesome. Like Snacks said, it was crazy in the streets after the game. Chants of "Let's Go Twins" followed by "White Sox suck" and others over and over. I can't even imagine what it's like after a world series win.

Is anyone else terrified that after such an emotional series they are going to come out flat against the Royals and blow it? Yeah, me neither.

I'm going to be out of town all weekend, so hopefully Dawger can pick up the Twins-related posting slack for me.

WWWWWW said...

I just read the game recap on ESPN and got chills. THAT's how awesome that game was last night.

Dawg said...

Does anybody think the Twins have used WWWWWW's 4th place in the division prediction as bulletin board material all year?

I believe WWWWWW also said that Mauer would not hit 65 RBI's and the Twins would struggle to score as many runs as they did in 2007.

He also said that Manny Ramierez would suck this year and The Tigers would win the Central. Hahaha, The Tigers.....what an Idiot.

Don't worry big guy, I got your back this weekend. Go Twins.

( did not contribute in any way shape or form to this comment)

snacks said...

WWWWWWWW and Tupy actually each owe me $10 bucks on a Mauer over/under 80 rbis for the year.

Bear said...

I'm right there with you W. I felt like a giddy little kid last night, it was awesome, I haven't been that excited watching a Twins game since the 91 series.

"I don't want to say a lot of people counted us out, but I read WWWWWW on fucking DWG ..."

WWWWWW said...

In that case the Twins are a bunch of fags and they won't win a single game against the Royals and then will get swept in every single playoff series and definitely won't win the World Series.

And at least I called the Indians wouldn't make the playoffs and that the Yankee collapse would begin.