Monday, September 29, 2008

So here's a big game for ya

White Sox. Tigers. Catch the fever!

- As far as pitching matchups go, Chicago definitely has the advantage with Gavin Floyd up against Freddy Garcia. While Floyd was arguably the Sox best pitcher this season, posting a record of 16-8 with an ERA of 3.91 and a WHIP of 1.26. Good, not great. He hasn't pitched particularly well of late, with his ERA jumping a third of a run over his last six starts. Detroit's choice of Freddy Garcia is an interesting one. He's a few years removed from being a good pitcher, and has pitched in just 13 games the past two years - two this season. He's gone just five innings in each of his starts, pitching well in one (2 hits, 0 ERs) and poorly in one (7 hits, 5 ERs). Who knows what you're going to get, but he has the motivation of being a former Sox pitcher so hopefully that will give him a little extra juice. My main concern is even if he pitches well, he hasn't gone more than five innings in over a year, so the game will end up in the hands of Detroits bullpen - the bullpen whose coach has already been fired, along with the pitching coach. This could end up being a big ole mess. The Twins better be ready.

- I just found out the Tampa vs. Chicago/Minnesota series starts Thursday at 1:30pm. A day game. What the hell? How am I supposed to watch that when I have to be in meetings? They go out of their way to have most playoff games on for everyone, to the point where some games don't get over until after midnight, but for this series they play it on a weekday during the afternoon? Horseshit.

- Here's a non-sports question, if you're driving down the road and suddenly realize you're in the wrong lane and about to miss your left turn, which of these two options do you choose: 1) keep going straight to the next light, make a U-Turn, and then turn where you need to, or 2) slam your breaks and attempt to cross over three lanes of traffic, only to not make it and get stopped at the red in the left straight lane, at which point, although you aren't in a turn lane, you put on your left blinker because you are going to just go ahead and turn from there, even though it's an "arrowed" turn light so when the main lights turn green and the arrow stays read, you block an entire lane of traffic from going straight. Just curious.

- I don't know how I missed this, since he's one of my all-time favorites, but Mike Mussina won yesterday to pick up his 20th victory on the season - his first 20-win season of his career. Hard to believe, but true (although he almost certainly would have gotten to 20 in the strike year - he had 16 wins in just 24 starts). Congratulations to the Moose.

- Rain Delay. I heard on the radio earlier that if this game isn't played due to weather the Sox will play tomorrow, and if they win they play the Twins right after that. What a weird deal. Right now I'm watching Aliens instead. Never seen it. It's not too bad.

- I can't decide if I want to watch this on WGN with those retarded homers or with the ESPN guys. I know Hershiser is pretty good over on ESPN, but the train wreck factor of listening to Hawk and whoever the other guy is come close to killing themselves here if the Sox lose is pretty strong.

- I'm going to take a nap. Someone text me if this game ever starts.

- And away we go, just three hours late.

- Floyd looks really, really wild, and just hit Sheffield. Hopefully this continues.

- Bah. Floyd gets out of it, even after Sheff stole second. He still looks a bit shaky, despite a very nasty cutter to strike out Ordonez. Let's go Freddy!

- Effing Garcia walks Cabrera to start the game. And now Wise. I really want to turn this off - like right now.

- Picks to click: DJ - Griffey, Hawk - Wise, the Crew - Konerko. My pick - everyone on the Tigers.

- Thank god Garcia gets out of it only giving up one run on Dye's single. First three guys get on, gets the next three out. This is too stressful, I'm having a beer.

- Jesus, they've now said "their" team can't play in the Metrodome, Justin Morneau should be MVP, and Bert Blyleven needs to be in the hall of fame. It's like they're kissing the Twins ass to soften them up or something.

- I really don't understand the booing of AJ every time he's up when he plays at the Dome. The dude is a quality ballplayer who had a lot of good seasons for the Twins, and then got traded through no action of his own. On the otherhand, when Mientkewicz comes back, he gets a nice positive ovation despite being a completely baby and a dick when Morneau was coming up. Truly dizzying.

- 1-2-3 for Garcia thanks to Inge jumping into the stands to grab the third out. I'm still not confident because that third out came on a horrible pitch of a hanging curve down the middle that Uribe missed, but it's a positive sign.

- Hawk and DJ are now upset because the White Sox fans sitting in the first couple rows were "too cordial" in getting out of the way of Inge. Essentially saying they should have interfered. I love homers.

- Another steal against AJ/Floyd, another strikeout when the Tigers need a big hit, and suddenly Floyd's curveball is starting to rival Sandy Koufax's. Or Blyleven's, if you prefer.

- Garcia with a six pitch inning, maybe he's settling down. Let's keep it going The Rock's twin brother.

- Ordonez gets a hit, but Cabrera pops out and Thames hits into a double play, which is not one of three true outcomes so it's weird but whatever. Nobody can get a big hit all of a sudden. If this comes down to bullpens, it's going to be ugly but definitely advantage to the Sox.

- Uh oh. Garcia just had Thome frozen on a curveball that was clearly a strike but was called a ball, and then reacted by throwing his arms in the air like, "WTF, Guy?" I don't see a lot of calls going his way in the future.

- Crisis averted, Garcia getting a ton of close calls. Plus, Alexei Ramirez just started trotting to first on a pitch that ended up being called a strike, so the teams are even in the all important, "acting like a jackass towards the umpire" category.

- Base knock for Ryan Raburn, who, by the by, is a player who Mrs. W once said, "Who is number 25, he's really, really cute. I told her it was Magglio Ordonez. That way if she ever talks about him with anyone if that person knows baseball they'll think she's crazy. Take that, wandering eye!

- Stolen base number three by the Tigers, they can't stop anybody. Nice work, Raburn Magglio!

- Double by Inge as Wise pulls a Torii Hunter on a shot to the wall. Sweet. Now someone called "Dusty Ryan" is up. I am going to call him "Dusty Diamond" instead.

- Base knock for Dusty Diamond. Nobody out, runners on first and third. Floyd's wildness catching up to him as he's just grooving them right now.

- There are four different Roms of Dusty Diamond All Star Softball you can download here. As far as an emulator goes, just look yourself. Jesus man, I can't do everything. I'm watching baseball and drinking beer. Leave me be.

- I think "he gone" has replaced "you can put it on the board.....YES" as the stupidest thing ever.

- Floyd strikes out his second straight batter, this time on a full count. DJ lets us know that a 3-2 count is the hardest one to hit against. I looked it up, and actually historically the hardest count to hit on is 0-2. Next is 1-2. Then 2-2. Then, wait for it, 3-2. Eat it DJ. Also Sheffield grounded out so Dusty Diamond was stranded at third, and all the momentum is now on the White Sox side. I'm not a huge "momentum" guy, but I'm also not dumb enough to pretend it means nothing.

- ESPN's first NBA Power Rankings are out for 2008-2009, and the Wolves are third from the bottom. Great, just great.

- Nevermind, 1-2-3 for Garcia. I freaking told you momentum was overrated.

- Awesome. Cabrera scores after a double, a monster of a line drive by Thames caught by the third basemen, and then Raburn hits a little dribbler in front of the plate that Floyd doesn't field cleanly and "pulls a Slowey" chucking the ball into right field. 2-1 Tigers.

- Floyd up to 118 pitches. Ozzie really doesn't trust his bullpen.

- I really don't understand why they are still making the Geico/Caveman commercials. The first one was funny. After that? Not at all. And am I drunk or didn't they try to make a show about them? Like, they were the main characters and it failed? So why go back to that bit as your hook for your commercials? It's clear nobody likes it.

- Another walk to Wise and a steal. Tying run on second with nobody out. Garcia still looking pretty solid, but he's in the sixth now. Nevermind, Garcia is out. Here comes, um, somebody. Thanks homer announcers. But, again, Garcia looks just like The Rock. Look it up.

- Tigers are going with Armando Gallarraga, after Garcia is pulled supposedly for an injured neck or something. He's a starter, so this is a little weird, but hey, whatever works man.

- Galarraga throws back to back wild pitches that are nowhere near the plate to tie the game up and put the go ahead run on first. This guy is clearly on the take. Leyland goes ahead and yanks him. Love to see Jimmy treating this like a must win. Sort of want to light Galarraga on fire.

- Bobby Seay comes on, and HE tosses a wild pitch to get Dye to second. It's an epic meltdown, much like the fifteen errors Tiger pitchers made in the world series a couple of years ago.

- Seay strikes out Thome, but then walks Griffey after an intentional walk to Konerko - bases loaded, one out, tie game. It should be noted that the Sox don't have a single hit this inning.

- Grand slam, Alexei Ramirez on Gary Glover's first pitch. At least we get to watch a Twins game tomorrow.


snacks said...

the Twins also played afternoon games against Oakland two years ago. I believe they are considered a "low ratings" team. I, for one, will be ditching out of work to watch if they make it.

You always want to watch on WGN if they are losing, but not if they are winning.

Matt said...

Did anyone else hear the caller on Common's show refer to Mijares as Majerus?

P.S. Bogart, are you wearing your sweater vest?

Anonymous said...

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