Thursday, June 28, 2007

Newest Garnett News

The latest, as reported by Chad Ford at, is that the Charlotte Bobcats have been contacted to be the third team to work out a KG deal with the Wolves and Suns.

The Wolves would receive the #8 pick and undisclosed players from Charlotte, KG would go to the Suns, and Amare Stoudamire and Marcus Banks would head to Charlotte.

Rumors have been swirling around Charlotte trading the #8 pick, since they have a nice base of young players and were looking for veteran help. However, I'm not so sure the Bobcats have the salaries to get this trade done.

It would have to involve some kind of sign and trade with Gerald Wallace and maybe Jake Voskuhl. Of the players the Bobcats have under contract, the only guys I can see them parting with are Othella Harrington ($2.2 mil), Brevin Knight ($4.4 mil), and Primoz Brezec ($2.8 mil). That's not enough money to get it done. I don't really know how sign and trades work and all that, but I think that would be the only option here.

ALSO: There's a rumor that there is already a trade in place to get rid of Ricky Davis as well, but now I can't freaking remember who they said he was going to get traded to.

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