Monday, June 18, 2007

The Next Wolf?

If Spencer Hawes stays in the NBA Draft, it looks like there's a decent chance he could be the Timberwolves pick at #7. According to NBA Expert Chad Ford of, the Wolves are very high on Hawes after his workout vs. Joakim Noah last week.

Hawes is a 7-0 freshman out of Washington, and averaged 15 pts and 7 rebounds per game last season.

I didn't get much of a chance to see Hawes play last season, but the few games I saw he looked good. He's a true center with a solid back-to-the-basket game, and certainly the Wolves could use somebody like that.


According to ESPN's profile of Hawes, his best comparison would be Vlade Divac. compares him to Brad Miller. Is this what you want from a lottery pick? I know Divac and Miller were both all-stars, and maybe it is tough to get a decent center these days, but it just seems so blah. Maybe I'm biased due to the Luc Longleys and Felton Spencers who have run through Minnesota, but I just don't know about Hawes.

His positives sound great: great passer and ball handler for his size, dazzling array of inside moves, soft touch, range out to 18 feet. Sounds great, but there's more.

Both sights mention the same weakenesses: Average athlete, average rebounder for size, needs to bulk up, and STRUGGLES AGAINST MORE ATHLETIC PLAYERS.

That's what the NBA is. It's all athletic players (mostly.) I don't like the sound of this one bit. Even worse, according to Ford, McHale says that Hawes reminds him a lot of himself as a player. I'd guess that means it's pretty much guaranteed he'll be picked if he's available at #7.

Let's hope he's more like McHale, and less like Paul Grant.

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