Monday, June 18, 2007

This Year's Rick Rickert

Is junior JamesOn Curry of Oklahoma State. Curry announced he is staying in the NBA draft, even though he is a second round pick at best, and likely to be undrafted at all.

Curry is a pretty good player, and I thought he had star possibilities as a freshman on the OK State Final Four team, but he hasn't developed as anything other than a scorer. At 6-3, he needs to be able to play point if he's going to be anything at the next level, and he hasn't been able to do that to the level needed in his three years. He can still score, as he averaged 17ppg last season, but he doesn't really do anything else.

Maybe he can light up the D-League or dominate somewhere in Europe. He still hasn't hired an agent, so if he isn't drafted he can still return to school. At least that's what ESPN says, although I didn't know that was the rule.

Ramon Sessions of Nevada, Jeff Green of Georgetown, DeVon Hardin of Cal, and Thaddeus Green have all announced they will be staying in the draft as well, with Dominic James of Marquette and Marcelus Kemp of Nevada announcing their intentions to return to school.

Georgia Tech's Thaddeus Young and Washington's Spencer Hawes are the two highest rated players who have yet to announce their official intentions. They have declared for the draft, and have until 5pm EST today to pull out. They are both expected to picked in the early teens if they stay in the draft, so they probably will.

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