Monday, June 25, 2007

Mock Lottery

Since there's nothing else happening, I'll give take a shot at the top 13 picks in Thursday Night's NBA Draft:

1. PORTLAND - Greg Oden, Ohio State
No brainer. You can't pass up a franchise center, even if I think Durant has a higher ceiling.

2. SEATTLE - Kevin Durant, Texas
An even easier pick, just take the guy Portland doesn't.

3. ATLANTA - Al Horford, Florida
I can see them going Conley here too, especially since they've passed on point guards the past couple of drafts, but everything I read says Horford has cemented himself as the third best player in the draft.

4. MEMPHIS - Brandan Wright, UNC
A very, very bad team who has to just take the best player available, and it's Wright.

5. BOSTON - Yi Jianlian, China
This really seems like the kind of thing Ainge would do, take a chance on something like this. Paul Pierce will not be happy.

6. MILWAUKEE - Mike Conley, Ohio State
Both the Bucks's point guards are free agents, and it doesn't look like Mo Williams will be resigned, so the Bucks go with the top PG in the draft.

7. MINNESOTA - Spencer Hawes, Washington
The pick here should be Corey Brewer, but after hearing that McHale is in love with Hawes, I'm guessing he'll go with his feelings instead of taking the smart pick.

8. CHARLOTTE - Corey Brewer, Florida
The Bobcats can't believe their luck, as they get one of the best players in the draft at #8.

9. CHICAGO - Jeff Green, Georgetown
The Bulls are a contender, and need a player who is ready. They can't go with Noah as Ben Wallace is already enough of an offensive liability, and Green fits.

10. SACRAMENTO - Julian Wright, Kansas

Nothing special about this Kings team, so they take a player with upside, hoping to get lucky at #10.

11. ATLANTA - Javaris Crittendon, Georgia Tech
The Hawks finally get the point guard they've been missing for years.

12. PHILLY - Joakim Noah, Florida
Noah's slide finally stops, and the 76ers will have a tough defensive frontcourt with Noah next to Dalembert.

13. NEW ORLEANS - Al Thornton, Florida State
The Hornets are basically Chris Paul and not much else. Thornton will give them another scorer.


Swift Bird said...

Did you have to retool your top 13 after hearing that Spencer and D.C. had withdrawn their names from the draft?

WWWWWW said...

I had them going in the top 20, but not the top 13, so everything still worked out ok.