Tuesday, June 19, 2007

KG being Shopped?

I've heard now in a few different places two different rumors about KG being traded from the Wolves. As I've said before, I'm in favor of trading him for two reasons, even though he is my favorite player ever, with the possible exception of Magic.

The first reason is so the Wolves can get younger and start over, since the way they are built and the assets they have will never make the team a winner unless they blow the whole thing up and start over.

Second, and somewhat related, is that KG deserves better. Much better.

The two trades I've heard are:

1) KG to the Suns for Amare Stoudamire and Marcus Banks (to make salaries work) - first brought up by Bill Simmons but now sounds like an actual possibility.

2) KG to the Celtics for Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, Sebastien Telfair, Theo Ratliff, and the #5 pick this year.

I don't like the first trade at all. Banks is worthless, and is on the hook for three more years at $3.5 per. He'd just be another worthless, overpaid guard under contract for way too long on a team with too many of them.

Additionally, getting one player back isn't going to fix anything. Stoudamire is younger, is under contract for five more years, and is an all-star level player, but that's not much different than what the Wolves have now. And with first-round picks owed to Boston and the Clippers, there's no way to build. It's a lateral move. This trade is worthless.

I love the second trade. Jefferson is the best young PF in the East other than Dwight Howard, Green has a lot of potential, the #5 pick to go with the #7 this year would be awesome, and Ratliff is a large contract that will be off the books, I believe after next season, to free up some cap space. Telfair is an idiot.

As much as I would hate to see KG go, and I would die a little inside, this lineup has real potential:

PG Randy Foye/Troy Hudson
SG Ricky Davis/Rashad McCants
SF Gerald Green/Corey Brewer
PF Al Jefferson/Juwon Howard
C Mark Blount/Spencer Hawes

There's a lot of young pieces there, and who knows if it would work out, but with a stagnant team, no draft picks, and only one movable asset, who is very valuable and only under contract for two more years, I think it has to be done.

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