Friday, June 22, 2007

Another Possible Gopher?

According to poster BleedGopher over at the Gopher Hole, there's another class of 2008 highly rated player eyeing the Gophers as a possible landing place.

Martez Walker, a 3-star, 6-6 small forward from Florida has said that Minnesota (along with Arizona State) is one of the leaders for his services in the future. Other schools he's considering include UCLA, Florida State, Florida State, Cincy, Kentucky, and Texas.

Walker had originally signed with Louisville after his freshman year, but both he and Louisville decided they should go their separate ways (which is like a mutual break-up, I'm not buying it.)

I'm a little leery of Walker, since he has yet to receive an offer from any school, and I'm thinking Pitino decided Walker wasn't going to cut it.

The scariest part of him, however, is that he considers pro player Stephen Jackson his mentor. And Stephen Jackson is the craziest player in a league with Ron Artest in it. He could be the next Miles Tarver, but with talent. And more crazy.

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