Friday, June 29, 2007

NBA Draft Thoughts

A few draft thoughts, not Wolves related:

- The Celtics are getting killed for the Ray Allen trade, but I think they'll be fine. Pierce, Allen, and Jefferson is a nice base, and their two second round picks of Gabe Pruitt and Glen Davis are quality players who could have been first round players.

- I don't think Acie Law will be a good pro

- JamesOn Curry got drafted actually. Good for him. He won't make the Bulls roster.

- Houston had a bad draft, getting Aaron Brooks in round 1 (too small to be a 2, not really a great PG) and Carl Landry in round 2 (passed on Glen Davis).

- Great draft for the Clippers, getting Al Thornton at #14 when he slipped, and picking up a sneaky good PG in Jared Jordan from Marist (who lit up the Gophers this past season) in round 2

- Daequan Cook is still an idiot, even though he got picked #21. He would have been a lottery pick next year.

- It's bizarre that Milwaukee took Yi. When a guy from China says he doesn't want to play in your city, you don't take him. This could get ugly.

- Adam Haluska got drafted? Seriously?

- 76ers had a great draft. I think they should have taken Thornton over Thaddeus Young at #12, but they also added Jason Smith in round 1 and both second round picks (Derrick Byars and Herbert Hill) could end up contributing.

- Alando Tucker at 29 and DJ Strawberry at 59 were excellent values for the Suns

- Portland had a great draft and is going to be a force for a lot of years.

- Nick Young at #16 was an excellent pick for Washington

Overall, it was really a pretty boring draft. Most of the picks were in line with what was expected, without any severe curveballs.

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