Tuesday, October 27, 2009

DWG's NBA Preview (ok not really, just some stuff)

I was going to write an NBA preview, but I got bored after one division and plus I think this blog has been a bit "preview-y" lately.  Instead I'll just say that the Wolves suck but Jonny Flynn wins the Rookie-of-the-Year, Lebron just misses averaging a triple-double (something like 30-9-9) but the Cavs don't make the finals, and the remaining Nets fans (assuming there are some) revolt after they don't get Lebron despite having completely gutted their team to make a run at him.  Oh, and Magic over Spurs in the finals.

-  Since I just got back from a nice dinner with the in-laws at the 5-8 Club (Garlic cheeseburger, jojo potatoes, cole slaw, + a couple Mich Golden Draft Lights), and I have a few Miller High Lifes in the fridge, I think I will continue typing things for a little while.

-  It's finally happened.  The usually positive and upbeat Daily Gopher has cracked, with JG writing this 1,000 word rant going after Tim Brewster.  Needless to say, it's my favorite post ever.  How he was able to write that many words on Brewster and not use the word "suck" even once is a mystery to me.  If I wrote that long a piece about him, I'm pretty sure it would just be "Tim Brewster really sucks" except instead of one really there would be 997 of them.

-  Since I'm linking things, go ahead and try to read this Rick Reilly article without chocking on it's combination of sickly sweet cheesiness and irrational shitheadness.  I've written in here before, but Reilly has morphed from a pretty good, funny, and entertaininig journalist to some kind of unholy chimera-like combination of Sid Hartman, Patrick Reusse, a broken robot that only speaks in metaphor, and your upbeat super-religious aunt who has to spin everything in a positive light.  This one here might be the worst (it's the entry from 10/23, in case it's been pushed down), where he gives a whole ton of credit for the Yankees' great season to Nick Swisher - not for his play, but for his clubhouse fun demeanor, his hair styles, and his handshakes.  He actually states that the Yankees wouldn't go this far in the playoffs without Swisher.  Actually, I would have said Derek Jeter's resurgence, A-Rod not slumping in the playoffs, Jorge Posada's succesful return from injury, the best bullpen in the majors, and the additions of Mark Texeira, C.C. Sabathia, and A.J. Burnett have a lot more to do with it, especially considering his stats are nearly identical to what Bobby Abreau put up last year in the same position.

Look, I like Swisher, really I do, and he's a good player and by all accounts is a swell guy, but this is just another example of a journalists going out of their way to write a "human interest" piece where one doesn't belong, simply because the unwashed and uninformed masses eat this garbage up because it's too hard to understand statistics.  This kind of crap actually makes me angry, second only to when sharks roar in movies.  Of course, when the article started out comparing Nick Swisher being on the Yankees to Wanda Sykes being elected to the supreme court, I should have known this wasn't going to be an enjoyable (or in any way informative) read.  And what's with the shot at Kate Hudson?  Totally worthless.

-  I made a couple of NBA bets tonight, seeing as how I'm totally into THE LEAGUE right now:  Rockets +8.5, Mavericks -8.5, Cavs -5, Cavs/Celtics OVER 183, Nowitski OVER 33.5 pts + rebs, and Clippers +12.  Right now the Cavs are up 28-21 at the end of the first quarter - sounds good so far.

-  Speaking of the Clips, that really sucks that Blake Grifin broke his kneecap or whatever.  I was looking forward to seeing what he could do - I really think he can be an all-star from day one.  And on that note, don't you find it interesting that Bill Simmons constantly writes about the Clippers Curse, but also ripped any journalist who talked about the Red Sox Curse?  Interesting.  I'm still planning on getting his NBA book.

-  Shawn Marion is on the Mavericks?  I had no idea.  That guy has been passed around like Lindsay Lohan since he inexplicably forced his way off a contending team with the perfect system for him and a point guard who loved nothing more than sharing the ball.  Seriously, Marion was in a perfect situation in Phoenix.  He had a steady diet of Prime Rib, and switched it for Dinty Moore.  Hi was vacationing in Vegas and swapped it for Detroit.  He had a PS3 and turned it in for a Turbo Graphix.  He was humping Audrina and downgraded to Spencer's sister.  And keep in mind this was all voluntary.  Basically Audrina was laying on the bed in lingerie and waiting and he jumped in the car and drove across town for Spencer's ugly sister in her sweatpants eating ice cream out of the bucket and her four cats. 

Good call Shawn.

-  We're heading to the fourth, the Celtics leading the Cavs 72-65.  Want to be Lebron goes crazy in this quarter and the Cavs end up covering the five?  I would be willing to wager that Lebron (right now with 23 points, 1 rebound, and 7 assists) ends up scoring 20 this quarter.

-  No comments about Sano and the Twins?  Really?  And speaking of no comments, where the hell has the Sidler been.  I'm a bit concerned at this point.

-  If any of you go see this Robin Williams/John Travolta horrible thing of a movie that I just saw a trailer for, we can no longer be friends.  Not even a little bit.  They should just take every theater that is showing that, and after the coming attractions, burn the place down.  It's for the best.

-  Right now we are watching the Scream Awards, which are basically the Oscars for Sci Fi and Horror films.  The best actress in a Sci Fi award was just given to Megan Fox.  Come on.  Yes, she's hot.  I have no argument with that, but this is supposed to be taken seriously, right?  Then this should be for acting ability, not just hotness.  I don't think Megan Fox would be a standout actress at a high school production of Fiddler, but now that you mention it this picture:

  I'm pretty sure just having this picture on here is going to triple the traffic I get from google image searches.

-  Well, Lebron did manage to score 15 in the fourth, but he (and the rest of the Cavs) decided not to guard Paul Pierce and the Celtics ended up winning 95-89 (which covered the over, but not the spread). It seems I may have underrated the Celtics, since they beat the Cavs with a uninspiring performance from KG, in a game that may have highlighted how bad his knees are right now (he missed a big time hammer dunk).  Obviously Boston was just fine, thanks to a big time performance off the bench by Rasheed.  I'm telling you man, that Rasheed signing might have been the most important move anybody made this offesason.  Those two can tandem at the PF so well, Boston might not have much of a fall-off, even if KG's legs are all broken and such.

-  I was going to stay up and watch the whole second game (Lakers/Clippers), but it's now 20 minutes past the starting tip time and they still haven't gotten going.  I'm a very busy man, and can't just be held up by this, so I'm gonna sign off.


snacks said...

I may have mentioned this on here before, but I've gotten to the point where I refuse to click on a Reilly article even if it sounds interesting because I know it will just be crap. Which is sad because when he first starting writing for espn I was excited.

Dawg said...

Everybody who follows the Twins read about Sano 2+ weeks ago. We were all waiting for him to be cleared for his work visa. At Gleemans site somebody linked a video of him. Its pretty funny because he has MLB apparel from like every team, including a full blown A's uniform. Every team was hot to trot for this guy. Good job Bill Smith.

Siouxper Sioux Fan said...

I was also going to write an NBA preview but then I realized that I wasn't fucking gay.....so I didn't.

WWWWWW said...

Shocking that someone from Fargo wouldn't like the NBA. You probably hate rap music, fried chicken, and white girls with big asses too.