Thursday, October 8, 2009


1.  Obviously losing the first game isn't ideal, but I don't think anybody outside of the delusional and the wildly optimistic expected them to win this first game - not only due to the circumstances but also because of the pitching matchup.  The important thing in my opinion was that they made sure they didn't get blown out and let the Yankees know this is going to be a series, not a walk-over, and I think they accomplished that.  The score isn't as close as I would have liked at 7-2, but the team was able to get hits - actually outhitting the Yankees, and had plenty of opportunities to score, just couldn't get the big hits.  Even getting two runners on against Rivera is a bit of a mental win for the team.  I don't believe in moral victories, so this isn't one, but I do believe in moral losses - as in if the Twins got blown away here I could see them just rolling over and getting swept.  They now after to win three of the next four, which is going to be quite a chore, but game 1 gave me some hope, despite the loss.

2.  I am perplexed by Gardenhire's use of the DH.  Harris, really?  I understand why he was going Morales since he was swinging such a hot bat earlier this year, but now that he's looking overwhelmed (six pitches against Porcello, six swings-and-misses) why go with Harris?  Even the radio announcers were laughing at the Twins DH, saying they look like a national league team who doesn't have a DH and has to scramble to find one.  The move here is to play Gomez in center, shift Span to right, and move Kubel where he belongs which is no where near the field.  Gomez is a better CF than Span, and Span is immeasurably better than Kubel in right.  You gain far more in the field than you lose with Gomez's bat compared to Harris, if you actually lose anything at all there.  It's a no-brainer.  Which, of course, means Gardy will never, ever do it.

And speaking of my boy Kubes, I'm pretty sure he could face Sabathia 50 times without getting a hit.

Also, Rockies Guy - what happened?


Helton is Mr. October said...

Don't know where to start with what happened to Rocktober.
A. Cliff Lee is the next Greg Maddux or the rockies can't hit for dick, looked a little like both
B. Ubaldo did what he does every couple of starts, throws what looks like a gem and then hits the self distruct button quicker than Liriano, well not that quick but you get the picture.
C. Helton played awesome, 0-4 and also let that grounder squirt right past him.
D. Middle of the Phil's lineup was 11-16 I believe.

It was great until the 5th and then it was over that quick. The two games rocks and twins were quite similar in the beginning, if the Rocks get just one big hit early on they are fine, but they couldn't.

Luckily I get to bring my kids to the library again today to do research and watch futre H.O.F er Todd Helton drop his career postseason avg. lower.

Dharma Bum said...

Ummm...Harris should be playing third. It's too bad Gardy has such a boner for light-hitting middle infielders.

WWWWWW said...

Yes, I also agree Harris should be at 3.

Anonymous said...

Is there a correlation to Kubel hitting better when he is playing the field? National analysts noted that Casilla had the best career avg against CC, yet he didnt start. He could have played 2nd and thrown Punto to 3rd since he loves him like he loves canolis. Also I am confused why they didnt bunt more, as many have pointed out before me CC gets rattled when he has to field his position. Help me understand oh wise baseball folk

Cuddy for MVP Guy said...

Speaking of Kubel. What the hell was he doing on the passed ball that mauer scored on? I know Kubel is fat and likes to do as little work as possible (that is why he is fat). But he could at least wave mauer home and tell him to slide since A) the ball was behind his fat ass and hard to see. B) Obviously Mauer couldn't tell where the ball was and C) The play ended up being relatively close at home. Thats not Twins baseball! More Fundamentals or its time to ship off Kubel! This is Twins Territory!

WWWWWW said...

1. This season, Kubel hits .293/.361/.480 as a DH, and .308/.369/.592 in the field. For his career he is at .282/.348/.474 as a DH and .275/.326/.469, so I'd say it's pretty much irrelevant if he's DHing or in the outfield.

2. I looked up Casilla and he's an amazing 9-13 against Sabathia. Small sample size, yes, but I think I agree and would have put him out there at 2b and let Punto slide to third.

3. As far as bunting more goes, I didn't really notice this one. But I'm not a huge fan of the bunt anyway, so I probably just missed opportunites others may have seen.

WWWWWW said...

The Rocks are pitching Cook today? Welcome to 0-2.

Helton said...

Problem is with DelaRosa out this series, Marquis being Marquis the only other option is Hammel and you are better of pitching him at Coors Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Kubel = Gamer!

Kubel's playoff BA was .098 heading into tonight’s game. I am guessing 0-4 didn't raise that average. I think we have a new Mr. October. Yes he still sucks!

Also, You could sponsor his page. Surprisingly at has no sponsor.