Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Down with Goldy?

If you're reading this for Gopher news or listen to the radio, you are probably already aware of the controversey surrounding Goldy Gopher's actions on Saturday against Penn State.  See below:

Now, the U has already rolled over and issued an apology, which is unfortunate for several reasons, which I will enumerate for you now:
  1. This is the only remotely funny, entertaining, or worthwhile thing Goldy has ever done.  They actually had former Goldys call in to KFAN today to discuss this "controversey", and one of them actually used the phrase, "When I was on the team....".  I have no idea if he meant the football team or the cheerleading team, but either way it's ridiculous.  As a mascot, you are to do two things - make kids laugh and act like an idiot.  I don't think there's a team for this, unless you count the damn Shrine Circus.  
  2. Sure, the guy was praying.  But he wasn't praying in a church, temple, synogogue, mosque, or even in his own house, he was praying in a football stadium.  If a mascot runs into a church and starts taunting jesus and raises the roof after kicking over an advent wreath, then we can talk.  Hey, if you want we can even say that Goldy was also praying, and evening the score at 1-1 with the Big Wizard in the Sky who cares about football games.
  3. I'm guessing this was kind of an accident.  If you notice, Goldy's back is turned when he crosses himself the first time.  As JG (who I think is the Paging Jim Shikenjanski guy, but I'm not sure because I wasn't paying attention to any name change) laid out in the comments section over at The Daily Gopher, I'm pretty sure he started out just kneeling to mock the PSU guy, then realized he was praying and was kind of stuck.  Plus, he's a mascot.  He's a damn mascot, who the hell cares what he does?  
  4. Nobody really cared.  I was planning on posting a bunch of links to articles with people being outraged, but I can't find anybody who was.  Reactions are pretty much either "Meh, no big whoop", or "It was a mistake but no big deal", or "I hate Minnesota and I'm glad they lost and/or look bad" (this one was mostly from Iowa fans).  Serious question, if nobody cares, why do you need to issue an apology?  I'm seriously embarrassed that the U felt the need to apologize for this.   
I don't know why I care though.  Any step we can take to get closer to a Goldy-less world is a step I want to be a part of.  On second thought, I'm OUTRAGED!

As long as I'm here I might as write a couple more things to give you something to do instead of work for a few more minutes

-  Big East preview coming on Friday.  Sneak peek - I LOVE Cincinnati this year.

-  I keep trying to figure out why I can't get into the MLB playoffs this year, and I think it's because I don't care, either way.  Every year there's always somebody to root for (Rockies, Rays) or root against (Red Sox), but I just don't have that this year, which is slightly alarming because the Yankees are still involved.  I don't know exactly when I lost my hate for them, but I have a feeling it's right about the time Red Sox fans got so obnoxious that I started hating that team instead.  I'm actually pretty glad that the Yankees are doing well and A-Rod is coming up huge, because maybe idiots will finally start appreciated that we're watching maybe the best right-handed hitter in history right here.  Or maybe I've just gone soft.   

- Huh.  I would have thought I'd more to say, yet here we are and I got nothing.


Anonymous said...

Did you at one time tryout to be Goldy, got accepted on skills but denied because of your girth and inability to fit into the costume? You just seem so bitter.

WWWWWW said...


rghrbek said...

It's about time:

Helton said...

Like snake said earlier, you are an idiot. I just wasted 2 minutes of my life looking at that hack of a website. You really think some douche bags, who don't like Brewster are going to change something? Since when did fans ever really have a say in a coach getting fired, especially ones with such a sophistacted website that has no info on it. If I want to waste my time on terrible websites I will be checking out Diary of crazy ass sioux chick.

Good to see you are excited about change though, maybe you start a website to get the next coach hired, maybe or something kick ass like that since that has as much chance of working as your previous site does.


rghrbek said...

You and your partner Snake can call me idiots all you want. Actually I just thought the site was funny. It's worthless for any meaningful info.

Glad you are all fired up though.

Helton said...

So when you wrote the words
"It's about time" in regards to Timmy B getting fired, what you really meant was, "look at this funny website with worthless info?"

Christ Hrbek, we are not all that dumb and or from G.Forks, but keep on trying.