Monday, June 1, 2009

All Time Fantasy Baseball Draft.....NERDS!

A few of DWG’s platinum members recently took a trip. In complete nerd fashion they performed an "All Time" fantasy baseball draft to kill time while driving. We had a few rules for our draft. #1, We could only draft players from our generation (we deemed this to be 1986 to the present). #2, Steroids, Cocaine, Aids, DWI’s, Rape and Locker Room behavior could not be held against a player. We just wanted to assemble the best on field teams. #3, A one season wonder (i.e. Brady Anderson) could be drafted but their entire career is what they would be judged on. #4, The draft had to be completed prior to reaching our destination. After that no moves could be made to the rosters. #5, We drafted one player from each position, 3 starting pitchers, 2 relievers and a bench player. #6, The draft was performed in snake fashion (1st pick in draft gets last pick in 2nd round). The first 4 picks of the draft where #1, B Bonds, #2 Griffey, #3 R. Clemens and #4 R. Henderson.

I now present the results of the 2009 Nerd Fantasy Baseball Draft so DWG readers can vote on which team they believe is the best.

Team #1
C- I. Rodriguez
1B- A. Pujols
2B- M. Young
SS- Ozzie Smith
3B- E. Longoria
OF- Rickey Henderson
OF- Joe Carter
OF- C. Beltran
DH- J. Thome
Bench-David Justice

SP- Doc Gooden
SP- J. Smoltz
SP- Nolan Ryan
RE- T. Hoffman
RE- F. Rodriguez

Team #2
C- J. Mauer
1B- M. McGwire
2B- R. Sandberg
SS- Hanley Ramirez
3B- G. Brett
OF- T. Gwynn
OF- K. Puckett
OF- V. Guerrero
DH- C. Fielder
Bench- R. Yount

SP- R. Clemens
SP- K. Schilling
SP- R. Halladay
RE- L. Smith
RE- J. Papplebon

Team #3
C- Gary Carter
1B- D. Mattingly
2B- C. Utley
SS- C. Ripken
3B- W. Boggs
OF- K. Griffey
OF- Manny Ramirez
OF- S. Sosa
DH- Ryan Howard
Bench- P. Molitar

SP- J. Santana
SP- G. Maddux
SP- Randy Johnson
RE- M. Rivera
RE- G. Gossage

Team #4
C- M. Piazza
1B- T. Helton
2B- R. Alomar
SS- A. Rod
3B- Chipper Jones
OF- J. Gonzalez
OF- T. Raines
OF- B. Bonds
DH- Frank Thomas
Bench- Larry Walker

SP- Pedro Martinez
SP- B. Saberhagen
SP- M. Mussina
RE- D. Eckersley
RE- B. Thigpen


Anonymous said...

Team #2 looks to be the strongest of the 4. Only true weakness is 1B, but you can't really argue with Donny Baseball. I just think you could have got more production from that position. Team #2 is a close 2nd but I think #3's pitching puts him over the top.

Did D. Justice, Helton and Chipper Jone really get drafted?

Anonymous said...

So Team 2 is the strongest and the 2nd strongest?

jimmy said...

Sounds like "anonymous" is Snacks - by picking Team #2 as the first and second best team he is covering all bases so he can waffle later on.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Team #3 is the strongest and #2 is 2nd.

You could have put that together by reading the entire 1st paragraph, but I forgot how readers of this blog hate reading and thinking.

Dharma Bum said...

Team 3.

Snake said...

I agree, #3 is a run away winner.

WWWWWW said...

I have this as Team #3 the run-away winner, distantly followed by teams #2 and #4 (those two were very close), with team #1 way behind. That team is brutally bad. Here is a team of unpicked guys that is better -

C- Jorge Posada
1B- Jeff Bagwell
2B- Craig Biggio
3B- Scott Rolen
SS- Barry Larkin
OF- Albert "Joey" Belle
OF- Gary Sheffield
OF- Kevin Mitchell
DH- Edgar Martinez
Bench- Jason Giambi

SP- Tom Glavine
SP- Kevin Brown
SP- David Cone
RP- Billy Wagner
RP- Jeff Reardon

Much better.

WWWWWW said...

Actually if I move Edgar to third and Giambi to DH, the team is even better.

Anonymous said...

Cut Giambi and have Raffy Palmerio DH.