Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Well this Should Liven Things Up

I knew my post below about the US Open wouldn't generate a whole lot of discussion, mainly because most of you out there are pure white trash and can't stand a white collar game, especially one dominated by a black (?) man. Luckily, while sifting through my DWG mailbox I came across an email from Super Sioux Fan, sent way back on Friday. These trainwrecks usually generated some discussion, so here you go. Speaking of white trash..........

Rando thoughts by Siouxper Sioux Fan.............

-I never realized how great brussel sprouts were until this month. They are my new favorite veggie.

-Thinks it is amazing that I have been a receptionist for over 2 years now and I am by no means a "nice and cheery" person. I go out of my way to cut you off and be unpleasant and somehow in these economic times I still have a job....just doesnt seem right.

-Did you know that I have Never stepped foot on an airplane? Being from North Dakota I dont think that is that weird.

-Baby Dawger/Sioux Fan loves to shhhh...us, Shhhh...mama Shhh....daddy She pretty much runs our house, I guess someone has too might as well be the almost 2 year old.

-Baby Sioux fan will be 2 in exactly one month! I cant believe me and Dawg are still together to celebrate it!

-Me and Dawger forgot about our 3 year anniversary this year.....we just totally forgot about it until we were watching "he's just not that into you" and then at the part where Jennifer Aniston is complaining about how her and her bf have been together for like 7 years and he still hasnt popped the question...it totally hit me......We forgot our anniversary and Dawg will never proprose. This was an Epic fail in our relationship.

-We now have a gay roommate! Dawg is especially a fan of this ;)

-I am pretty much offically over facebook...but I am 26 so I think it is appropriate.

-People who wear Ed Hardy REALLY are douchebags
(my brother in law LOVES Ed Hardy)

-Everytime I send out a "sorry" letter to someone who interviewed at my company I really have the urge to put in something totally fucked up like

"Dear Mr. showed up in a suite and red converse shoes"
This is not a Four Letter Lie show and we do not hire Emo's. Sorry but good luck on your career search.
Try hot topic you emo fag.

-TAB is still the worlds most amazing beverage

-I hate most things and most people.....I am sure this is not that shocking

-I smack Snake 9 out of 10x that he walks by me at work this is the most enjoyment I get out of my job

-I am making my first ever trip to Home Depot today to buy a saw for fathers day....when I know all he really wants is The Hills on DVD.

-Children are the best excuse to getting out of shit at work. Thank you baby sioux fan

-Do people acutally still smoke cigs? Isnt that just something that people tried back in the 90's and that they do in trailer parks and bingo halls? I dont get it. I mean I tried smoking for awhile because sex in the city made it look cool but even that was still early 2000's.
It is fucking disgusting and I think Obama should fix it along with the 10 million other things he promised.

-I was dissapointed when I found out that Katy Perry wasnt really a lesbo.

-Speaking of that...I tried to use the word Lesbo in a scrabble game against dawg last friday night and he wouldnt let it fly. Granted I think I spelled it Lezbo but come on. He plays strictly by websters dictionary...I asked if we could compermise and use the urban dictionary...I mean we DO live in North Minneapolis. But he still said no...god he is gay.

-I am really glad that guys dont frost their tips anymore....

-I really wish I had a dick some days...it would be so much easier to masturbate.

-Scott just walked by me carrying a picnic table....haha and now he just winked at me. I think that is his way of hiding his embarrasment.

-Sometimes I wonder how smart I am compared to the average person and every time I decide that I dont want to know the answer

-Me and Dawger once went a WHOLE week without a single fight (last week). We are currently not speaking but dont worry this is very normal for us. Instead of saying good bye this morning I gave him the finger

-Everyone who bought a Wii is realizing that it just sits and collects dust because you actually have to be ambitious to play it and lets be honest we are Americans...Cause this is America

-I am proud of you if you got the Ricky Bobby quote up there...congrats you offically suck less at life then you did a min ago.

-I dont get why people think that people from GF are racist? There arent any black people to discriminate against up there....therefore it is not possible.

-And another picnic table.....jesus what are we having an employee picnic inside the office today that I was apparently not invited to?

-My job consists of talking to assholes all day and sending out fedex's. I am pretty sure this is what happens when you are catholic..kill yourself and end up in purgatory for eternety. FML

-And another wink......

-Epic looks like he dyed his hair today.....but he swears he didnt. I dont think I believe him.

-Okay I am bored now.....

suck it

Sioux Fan Out

My brain and my soul both hurt. I'm going to go home and drink until I forget that this happened.


Stevie said...

This made me laugh out loud....who ever that girl is she cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

I feel for anyone who has to come in contact with this person. This girl has reached the pinnacle of career success, receptionist is actually a position I would think she would be under qualified for. Also it is very shocking that she has a kid and is not married, way to be slutbag.

klinger said...

While generally disturbing, she actually makes a good point about it not being possible to discriminate in GF.

That doesn't mean there not Nazi's up there.

klinger said...

I'd also love to say that the gramattical errors above are in honor of SSF. Unfortunately, not so much. It's like I was educated in SLP.

catapult said...

This is more entertaining than 95% of WWWWWW's writing

Mama said...

Snake/anonymous- Your comments are as transparent as your white hick ass. Go show shoot some small defenseless rodents with your kids you hillbilly.

Mama said...

Ps....Your getting punched so hard tomorrow...someone gets a little too brave on their day off.

jimmy said...

Someone showed up to an interview wearing a "suite"? Isn't that a nice room in a hotel?

WWWWWW said...

He was a big dude.

ssf said...

No, he showed up in a "suit" but to make it canadian you at the "e"
And I am almost from canada so sometimes I use their dialect.

So who is the dumbass now....jimmy

jimmy said...

They must spell "add" as "at" in Canada then too. No wonder why you can't even figure out Fed Ex deliveries despite the fact that that is half of your job description.

Anonymous said...

SSF just go back to looking for all the stores within a five mile radius of your trailer that take EBT cards and call it a day.

Anonymous said...

Is this chick for real? Is it an actual person or more of a Carl Gerbschmidt/Marty Wexler kind of thing WWWW does to improve blog hits and intrest? I mean there cannot be a real person that talks/thinks like this. Can there?

SSF said...

oh oh oh... you had better believe it! I am 100% real and 100% awesome.

And also dont live anywhere near a trailer park nor do I shop at Aldi with and EBT card sorry to disappoint you.

Snake said...

Crazy Pants, you really think I would get up on my day off at 7:40 in the AM? 2nd of all, have you ever heard me say slutbag? 3rd, The last thing I would ever think about doing on my day off is spend time on this shitty blog. Plus I know for a fact you haven't had sex in 6 months. Why would I call you a slut?

Kenny Powers said...

This has got to be some kind of joke...is this SSF's alter ego or something? That would make sense....I mean it is for entertainment purpose's right?

WWWWWW said...

Trust me people, this is the real thing. I wish I could have come up with a character like this.

Anonymous said...

So is Dawger that douche, when playing scrabble adds an S or ER on the end of your words because he can't come up with words of his own and then gloats about his perceived genius?

Also what was the biggest word you two combined for? I am assuming from this post no more than 5 letters were involved.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he is just a giant douche, not that douche.

Anonymous said...

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