Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wolves Breaking News!!

As much as I hate to step on a Sioux Fan post (please make sure to read the post below this), a big T-Wolves deal is something I have to comment on.

According to ESPN, The Wolves have reached an agreement with the Wizards to send Randy Foye and Mike Miller to Washington in exchange for Darius Songaila, Etan Thomas, and Oleksiy Pecherov, as well as the #5 pick in Thursday's draft.

Wow. Kahn is really going ahead and putting his stamp on this team immediately. Getting rid of Miller isn't a big deal, and is pretty unsurprising. He's still good enough that he can contribute on a team that needs outside shooting help (the #1 need of the Kings), and is affordable at just $9 million this year with the contract expiring next season. An attractive piece to both trade and trade for. If he was on the team by draft day it would have been an upset.

Trading Foye is pretty much Kahn saying, "Look at me! Look at me! I'm in charge now! I want my own guys!" I'm not saying he's right or wrong here, as I am not exactly sold on Foye myself. He's not really a point guard (4.3 APG/2.1 TO), and he's not really a shooting guard (40% floor, 36% from three), but he did score over 16 points per game last season and he's still playing under his rookie contract, not to mention he's improved every year (sans shooting). In short, it's a huge risk and a huge gamble, and takes some huge balls right off the bat by this Kahn fella. I LOVE it. Even if it doesn't work out, at least he's not afraid to try.

As far as what's coming back, it's pretty much just the fifth pick and three players to match Foye and Miller's salaries. Thomas was a great shot blocker in college for the Cuse and showed some defensive potential in his six years in the league but has pretty much evolved into a bit player (and still has two years on his deal at $6.8 mil per). Songaila was an interesting player at Wake back in the day, and is a slow, white big guy but he should be able to impact the rotation if nothing else. Pecherov is a second-year communist Greg Ostertag but not as talented, but at least his name sounds like "Pecker Off" which makes me laugh.

I'm guessing the Wolves have basically fallen in love with two players in the draft (since Kahn has said he won't use #5 and #6 to move up to #2 - thank god) and wants to get them both. What I'm hoping is they grab Tyreke Evans and James Harden, then either trade #18 and/or #26 or use one of them on a wing player (if Earl Clark or Terrence Williams slip that would be ideal).

If they trade the pick, a good bet would be that they send the pick to Portland for SF Travis Outlaw. Word is the Blazers are trying to move some of the backcourt, and Outlaw is one of the names being tossed around. The Wolves would have to toss in Sheldon Williams to make the salaries match and couldn't after July 1st, but it's a possibility.

PG Tyreke Evans
SG James Harden
SF Terrence Williams/Earl Clark/Travis Outlaw
PF Kevin Love
C Al Jefferson


In any case, a fun NBA draft for the Wolves just got a whole lot more fun. And don't think I'm not aware of the fact that this now doubles the chances they draft Curry.

Please god no.

Now go read the Sioux Fan post under this one if you haven't yet. It's a doozy!


snacks said...

actually, shouldn't that say SF Corey Brewer?

And I'm pretty sure Kahn is either going to be one of the more popular people in town in 2-3 years or run out of town. Really not setting himself up for much of an in between here.

FishingMN said...

Not sure what your hang up against Curry is all about.

Canis Hoopus's Stop-n-Pop loves him.

ESPN's Hollinger and his Draft Rater love him (#5 overall).

HoopsAnalyst Loves him (#1 Combo guard) - http://www.hoopsanalyst.com/0809ew8.htm

I'm hoping they keep 5/6 and go with Curry/Harden or Curry/Evans

WWWWWW said...

I will probably literally die if they draft Curry. At best he's Craig Hodges.

Ratings mean nothing. Look at Redick, Morrison, Darko, and on and on and and on. These people are all wrong.


Dawg said...

FishingMN - I've seen you stop by DWG from time to time and I am shocked that you haven't realized that WWWWWW doesn't know what the hell he is talking about. He looks at the boxscore and thinks that is a good indication of how a good a player is.

Curry is good and I can't wait to see him jacking 3's at a 45% clip next year in a T-Wolves jersey. I may even go to a game.

If you noticed in WWWW's example of NBA busts they are all crackers. Everybody knows that white people suck in the NBA. He is a racist and an idiot.

snacks said...

You are right Dawger, stats and numbers are irrelevant. Stupid old WWWW also looks at the final score to determine who won. What an idiot, huh?

Dawg said...

There is also this new concept called watching a game to see how good somebody played. Somebody could have had 6 turnovers but 5 were passes that the teammate should have been able to handle. Somebody may only have 4 assists because their shitty teammates couldn't make a 5ft wide open jumper to save their life. In baseball somebody could have been 2-4 but one was a seeing eye boucner up the middle and the other the outfielder lost in the dome roof and wasn't credited with an error. If you just looked at the boxscore you would think that guy had a good game.

Numbers don't tell the whole story and shouldn't be the sole indicator for a players worth. If WWW watched a little less Sci-fi and a little more hoops he would know that Curry is the man. Oh well, its always better this way because I can watch him eat crow next year when he is wrong yet again about a player.

WWWWWW said...

I can guarantee you I watched more of Curry's games than you did last year, Dawger. Everybody knows your sports "knowledge" comes from blindingly homerrific insights from local teams and what you read on ESPN - which explains why you love Curry so much.

Dawg said...

"Blindingly homerrific isights"?- You have a blog dedicated to local teams you f-ing tard.

If you did happen to see Curry play more then me I'm guessing your vodka soaked brain couldn't process Steph Curry's greatness.

Fags said...

I can gaurantee that basketball is also for fags.....you fags.

Anonymous said...

Curry is going to be a decent NBA player, but at best he is going to be a specialist who occasionally can handle the PG duties for a short period of time. I love the JJ comp.

very similar players, Curry is a little more athletic; but overall very similar. You put Redick at Davidson for a couple of years and his college stats are even more staggering than Currys.

Package the 5 or 6 and love to move into the 2 slot; take thabeet with the 2 then take the top gaurd remaining on the board, evans, flynn, curry, whoever (besides jennings); then cross your fingers that one of the 2 louisville boys are left at 16!

Anonymous said...

"Blindingly homerrific isights"?- You have a blog dedicated to local teams you f-ing tard??????

What does a MN blog have to do with being blindingly Homerrific? Look in the Mirror before you start calling an individual a f'ing retrad.

Dawg said...

Ummmm.... What does dedicating countless unpaid hours to writing about local sports teams have to do with being a homer?

Is that really your question?

WWWWWW said...

It's because writing about local sports teams with an objective eye is the opposite of being a homer. Are you serious here, Dawg?

Can you please start having Super Sioux Fan read the comments to you in her broken North Dakota version of English, and then maybe try to explain some of the pertinent points?

The combined IQ in that house must be about 200, with 150 of that coming from Baby Dawger and your gay roommate.

Now I'm starting to hope they draft Curry, just so you watch him every night and start getting closer and closer to grabbing one of SSF's various hunting rifles (I assume she has several) and putting an end to it all when you see how bad he is and come to the realization that you know nothing about sports whatsoever.

SSF said...

WWWW- I would watch out for one of my several hunting rifles....cause your gonna get one between the eyes at baby dawgers bday party. I would say that I will cut your dick off for calling me and dawg(the smartest man in North Minne and maybe the world)stupid.

We will see how stupid I am and how "smart" you are while I call you my bitch.

watch it.

finishing bit.... said...

oh yeah...I would say I will cut off your dick but we are all aware that you dont have one.

Dawg said...

PA - I guess being objective includes trying to do the impossible task of proving Rico Tucker's greatness, or stalking gopher basketball player's on Facebook at 2 am or thinking that Glen Perkins is going to be the man because he had 2 good starts. Every thought that rattles through your pea sized brain is based on emotion. Picking the gopher's hoops team to lose every week as to not jinx them doesn't count as being objective either.

If IQ is measured in number of years spent in college to get a BA degree then you probably do have me dominated in that category.

mama said...

Actually what I meant to say was that you are correct. Dawg is a fucking idiot and trust me I know, I have to live with him. He thinks he proves his points with "witty logic" when really he just makes himself sound like more of a retard. He truly does find himself more superior to not only all of you, but to basically the planet...including God.

WWWWWW said...

Rico was great. Anybody who can't see that is the true idiot here.

Anonymous said...

Pulley Pro Am Last night:
Rodney was explosive; but didn't even dare take a shot other than a dunk and refused to put the ball on the floor.

Hoff shot the ball ok, but nothin spectacular.

Jacob Thomas looked like a little boy out there and didn't do much.

Ryan Wittman is a really good basketball player

Seantrel Henderson is a beast 6'7 300 and only 17, with good feet and great hands. Def. see what the FB programs around the country are drooling, kid can play ball too.

Khalid didn't play he showed up and "coached" his team to an easy victory after collecting the 08 MVP trophy

not an NBA guy, but can't deny that i'm excited to watch tonight, the one draft that has it right; 5min in between pics instead of 15 like the NFL, 2 rounds instead of 100 like baseball, all while getting to listen to jalen rose sound like an idiot while preaching how important an education is!

wolves screw this up again and move up to 2, take thabeet and take jennings with 6 and for some reason sell our other 2 picks for cash!

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